Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (2010) - Traffic Police Events (PC)

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NFS: Hot Pursuit (2010) Playlist:

* Traffic Police
- Chase 101 (01:34)
• An erratic driver in a smashed up car should be an easy bust for a new recruit.
• Used ride: Ford Crown Victoria

- Escape to the Beach (04:11)
• Respond to reports of dangerous driving in the vicinity of Mission Beach. Locate the three racers and shut them down.
• Used ride: Subaru Impreza WRX STI

- Reventón Reveal (07:27)
• Hit the streets in the Lamborghini Reventón Interceptor. Blast it to the end of Mystic Lake Road as fast as you can. No damage; no time penalties.
• Used ride: Lamborghini Reventón

- Block Buster (11:17)
• Call in roadblocks to help you stop this tough suspect.
• Used ride: Ford Police Interceptor

- Lightning Reflex (13:39)
• Drive east on Cascade Terrace. It's just you and the open road in a heavily customised police car, but don't get cocky! Damage to the car will earn you penalties.
• Used ride: Nissan 370Z

- Fighting Dirty (17:50)
• Leave the road and hit the dirt to make the arrest. Your vehicle has been equipped with spike strips. Make them count.
• Used ride: Subaru Impreza WRX STI

- Do Look After It (19:54)
• Seacrest County PD has just taken delivery of the Aston Martin One-77. It's the world's most expensive production sports car, so drive safe. You'll pick up time penalties for hitting anything.
• Used ride: Aston Martin One-77

- Dark Horse (22:56)
• Street race in progress heading on Lost Horse Road. Use spike strips and road blocks to shut it down before the drivers reach the finish.
• Used ride: Mazda RX-8

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NFS: Hot Pursuit (2010) Playlist: * Highway Patrol - Denial of Service (00:51) • SCPD has taken delivery of the latest EMP equipment. Use your EMPs wisely and watch out for racers trying to jam them. • Used ride: Audi TT RS - Spike Out (03:38) • Last night a suspect was seen using spike strips against SCPD units. There is a new threat out there. • Used ride: Porsche Cayman S - More Haste; Less Speed (06:19) • Let's see how fast you can respond to an emergency. Race east on Bear Hollow, but drive carefully - you'll incur time penalties for anything you hit. • Used ride: Maserati GranTurismo S - Summit Assault (10:27) • Head for the mountains and bring down 5 suspects tearing up the asphalt at Eagle Crest. Make use of EMP, road blocks and spike strips as you see fit. • Used ride: Porsche 911 Targa 4S - Protect and Swerve (12:53) • In recognition of your driving skill, you've been granted access to Seacrest County's elite Corvette ZR1. Take it to the end of Fox Lair Pass with little damage as possible. • Used ride: Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 - Eye in the Sky (16:07) • SCPD airbourne units have now been assigned to your department. • Used ride: Porsche Cayman S - French Connection (18:55) • Seacrest County PD has exclusive access to the world's fastest police car. Race it to the end of Rockingham Road as fast as you can. You'll pick up time penalties for anything you hit. • Used ride: Bugatti Veyron 16.4 - Point of Impact (22:18) • Six racers have been clocked at 321 kph+ heading south through the desert badlands. Stop them before they reach civilisation. • Used ride: Ford Shelby Mustang GT 500 - Precision Pursuit (25:58) • In a police emergency, you need to drive fast and clean. Race along Hope Canyon Freeway. You'll incur time penalties for anything you hit. • Used ride: Porsche 911 Targa 4S - Turn The Tables (29:14) • Be advised, this suspect is likely to make hazardous U-turn manoeuvres. • Used ride: Dodge Challenger SRT8 Used device: Keyboard Recording Software: Shadowplay (NVIDIA GTX 760) Video Editing Software: Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

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Did you see this vehicle at 2:54? Police chased suspected vehicle thief, Zachary Medina, 31, in a dark SUV down I-30 eastbound, then I-35E southbound before the suspect’s tire blew out. Medina got out and tried to run away but police had him on the ground within seconds. The black SUV was reported stolen by Eva Medina, the suspect’s mother. She told the news her son has a drug problem and that he appeared to be on drugs Monday morning, when she spotted him at her home taking off in her car. She said, he called her that afternoon to tell her he was being pursued for police. She begged him to pull over, but said he did not want to stop. She said she was relieved to see him arrested before he hurt himself or anyone else. Police said Medina failed to yield during an attempted stop and the pursuit began around I-20 and Crowley Rd. Medina shows to have an outstanding warrant for parole violation for possession of controlled substance 1-4 grams of methamphetamine.

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