If Angry Birds Was Minecraft 2 [ Minecraft Animation ]

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If Angry Birds Was Minecraft 2?!
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Made With:
~Cinema 4D R19
-[Rig: Anishwij V9 ,(EnderDragon: LisPixel, Other mobs: TheMinecraftGuy105)]
~Sony Vegas Pro
-After Effects cc 2017

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Here it is: the long awaited Angry Birds Animated Parody 3!! A film most people (right?) were waiting for since 2015. Well, here it is in all it's glory and it's better than ever and is incomparable to the last three Angry Bird parodies I made. They all pale in comparison. This isn't your ordinary animated parody, this is an ANIMATED MOVIE! That's right, 17 WHOLE MINUTES OF ACTION, FUN, and SUSPENSE!! This is two years in the making right there! And this is only just the first part! Wait for part 2 (which you won't count on coming any time too soon). Production of ABAP began in late 2015 when I finished experimenting with Adobe Animate and using music programs to create dynamic sound effects. I wanted to go in a completely different direction unlike my other "parodies". I aimed more for a narrative based story using hand-drawn, frame-by frame and tweening animation. Instead of reusing old sprites from my animation in 2013, I wanted to go in a completely different artistic and graphical direction and used more simpler colors and outlines for all the props and backgrounds instead of the realistic and gradient filled graphics I used back in 2013. Unlike my other animations where I just moved graphics or symbols around, I added a twist to the animation by using a storyboard and using multiple graphics of the same character rather than moving around only one. Because AngryBirds is no longer as popular or relevant to our time as it was 7 or 8 years ago, I worked hard to make the story, visuals, sounds, animation, and actions interesting, entertaining, and even mesmerizing so the average viewer can still watch and enjoy all 17 minutes of my video despite it being about AngryBirds. This parody is a sequel to AngryBirds animated parody 2, where it takes place three years after the loss of King Pig and his army to the birds with their jet fighters.King Pig saved up to arm his pigs with state-of-the-art weapons, superior technology, and a newer and impenetrable fortress. Will the birds be able to defeat King Pig and take back their eggs for the last time?

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