extreme weight loss subliminal | deleted video

author alex   2 days ago

lol my fav sub creator deleted this masterpiece but i downloaded the day it was released soo... ye ion if i’m allowed to post this buh yeaa!!! also idk the description of this but all i know it’s to make you lose weight on desired parts and give u a slim thick body.... stan loona

🌹FORCED All Body Fat Transferred to Bu tt 🌹|| Subliminal **Affirmations** 🌹Move 100% of body fat to bu tt including face fat  🌹Super defined and toned sixpack 🌹Face incredibly thin with sharp defined jawline and cheekbones  🌹Incredibly skinny everywere but bu tt 🌹Have the biggest bu tt in the entire world 🌹Any fat gain naturally transfers to bu tt  🌹Massive jiggly 100 inches bouncy bu tt 🌹Get rid of hip dips This is a paid request~ many thanks for the beauty who accepted to share it to all ❤️💕

USE WITH CAUTION- Please stay hydrated ❤️no hidden negative affirmations ❤️watch at the very least 3-6 times a day w/ boosters ❤️for best results listen while sleeping ❤️listen with volume 20%-60% ❤️headphones are highly recommended for best results Beauty affirmations Getting results every time you breathe Getting results every time you blink Getting results every time you move Burn 1000 pounds every time you blink Burn 1000 pounds every time you breathe You are losing weight You are losing 1000 pounds of stomach fat You are losing 1000 pounds of back fat You are losing your baby face You are getting a sharp jawline You are losing your appetite You are manifesting your ideal body You are getting instant results Get rid of scars Get rid of double chin Losing 50000 pounds every second Constantly burning fat cells Everybody feature gets toned Feminine toned abs Feminine toned muscles Healthy body and mind Lose weight everywhere every second Love to eat healthy and exercise Your friends are jealous of your perfect body Everyone is jealous of your beautiful body Every part of body is getting rid of extra fat Maintain your perfect body and weight effortlessly Never gain weight Extremely fast metabolism Extremely fast digestive system Lose all unwanted body fat Flat stomach Slim legs Slim arms Get rid of unwanted body hair Get rid of unwanted facial hair Burn fat every second Constantly burn fat Getting instant results Getting happy with your fit body ❤️happy listening

I do not promote any eating disorder! Please do NOT listen if you are already underweight or suffer from anorexia. These affirmations are exaggerated to speed up weight loss. No longer use once reached desired results. 🥝Affirmations Include🥝 -be underweight -be completely healthy -blood levels are normal -you lose fat at 999 googlplex speed -burn 1 million calories each time you blink or move -you lose 1000 lbs each time you breathe -you absorb little calories -every calorie you eat you burn 999 googlplex more -you love exercising -you drink at least 2 litters of water daily -you are happy with your results -you are confident -you see results instantly -junk food is unappealing to you -you crave fruits and vegetables -your taste buds favor the taste of healthy food -you get away with eating very little -you effortlessly fast -your appetite is small -you are at your goal weigh -you have your dream body -your BMI is under 10 -you have super skinny,slim arms -you have a thigh gap -all bones you desire to be visible are visible -you have a supernaturally fast metabolism -get rid of back fat -you are immune to gaining weight -you are curvy but skinny -permanent safe results -you have a flat stomach -you're a skinny legend -you feel full and satisfied always (no hunger pangs) 🥑mini booster is included🥑 -get instantly forced results -you see results instantly -my subconscious understands any type of affirmations at any speed pitch and length 💚For best results💚 -listen at least 3-6 times a day for fastest results use 30 minutes to an hour a day -drink water -positive mind set -calm state -can use while multi tasking but do not use while driving! ⚠Disclaimer⚠ This does not replace medical professional health.There is no guarantee that this will work for you. If it does not work for you it could be some factors like you may have blockages in your subconscious or may be listening in a negative mindset etc... I started this channel because I have a strong belief in subliminals and I have trouble trusting that subliminal makers aren't putting negative affirmations in their videos. So I decided to make my own share and hopefully help others achieve what they want💚💚

6 hours RAPID FAT BURN FREQUENCY | Fast Weight Loss | Super Metabolism Binaural Binaural beats are the best way of relaxing your mind using the power of music. This works because of the fact that our brain communicates by generating electricity. These are called the brain waves. Our brain generates a specific brain waves for specific emotions. This is called the brain wave state. According to the scientific research each of our emotions can be associated with these brainwave states. Experts differ these waves into five types based on the frequency of 40 Hz to 1500 Hz. Binaural beats are namely Delta waves, Theta waves, Alpha waves, Beta waves and Gamma waves. They each help you to reach a special state that you desire. The Delta waves helps you in better sleep. So, if you have any problem while sleeping you can go into deep sleep listening to it. If you are feeling tired, stressed or in anxiety then Theta waves will help you to get in deep relaxation, emotional connection and creativity. Alpha waves are used to feel relaxed and Gamma are used to make you feel highly focused. If you want to be focused and relaxed at the same time, Beta waves help you to Conscious focus, memory and problem solving. When we hear music or sound in our daily life, we either get a positive vibe or a negative one. According to a scientific research it was found that more than 50% of our emotions are usually negative ones. This leads to anxiety, depressions, lack of concentration and many other problems. Our binaural beats music is specially designed using the principle of positive brain wave state which helps you to relax and boost up your concentration at the subconscious level.

You can expect a huge boost in your metabolism and accelerated weight loss by listening to this video. This video contains the energetic signature and morphegenic field of chlorogenic acid. Listening to this causes your body to generate chlorogenic acid which inhibits fat and sugar absorption along with Lipolysis (which is the breakdown of lipids; it involves the hydrolysis of triglycerides into free fatty acids) There are also morphegenic fields to help generate a higher metabolism. Also included are subliminal and supraliminal programming to create that mindset and tell your body to lose weight, burn fat and also to help with cellulite reduction. Listen as often as you want, until you see the results you need.


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