The REAL Reason Why Ava Was Absent + Foreteller Time Travel (Kingdom Hearts Theory)

author Andy Bru   8 mounths ago

In this video, I will be discussing why I really think Ava wasn't present during kingdom hearts 3's epilogue. Hope you guys like it! Let me know your thoughts and theories in the comments!

KH3 Ultimania Interview Here:

Ava's analysis 0:20 Darkness' analysis 4:00 Timeline of events 5:09 Will Ava reveal herself? 9:58 What was Ava's mission? 10:31 Where has Ava been? 13:42 All KH stock I edit is available at Music used in video: Transcript PDF: Sources: Observations Excerpts 1 and 2: The Lost Page (translated by Goldpanner): KHX Ava and Luxu's fight / Gula's recitation: KHX Maleficent in Data Enchanted Dominion: KHUX 555 - Ava's disguised as another Union Leader: KHUX 665 - MoM telling Ava about the dandelions losing memories: KHUX 665 - MoM telling Ava which Union Leader to give the Book to: KHUX 670 - Skuld telling Chirithy to erase Player's memories: KHUX 670 - Ephemer mentioning the darkness KHUX 730 - Lauriam's Arrival / Strelitzia's death: KHUX 735 - Brain finds the Book on MoM's desk: KHUX 735 - Brain shows the other Union Leaders the Book: KHUX 841 - Darkness talking to Maleficent: KHUX 871 - Brain explaining how the Book works: KH3 - Epilogue: KH3 - Xigbar watching Maleficent searching for his box: Back Cover - Gula states the traitor will deviate in their role: Re:Coded - Xigbar is hinted to be Luxu: 0.2 A Fragmentary Passage - time doesn't flow in the Realm of Darkness:

What if the Master of Master's apprentices were more than just his students? And what if there is an explanation to his disappearance? Thanks to Kimpchuu for all of the help with the art and design! Link below! Thank you to KingWhaleVII, Damo279 and BioRoxas for the help with my script as well as encouragement to keep going on! Links below! Thanks to PoloGeist for letting me use his music: Thanks to Khux Nation for the Ira and Aced scene: Thanks to KHInsider for the translated Gula scene (It's slightly worded differently but I believe this version shows his sin more): Channel links: KingWhaleVII - Bio-Roxas - Kimpchuu - damo279 -

KH3's Ultimania address 0:16 What we know about the Foreteller's return 2:16 Contradictions to time travel 4:03 The reformation of their bodies 6:24 Luxu's knowledge 7:40 All KH stock I edit is available at Music used in video: The Lost Masters Kingdom Hearts 3 (Extended by Jay χ Ultima) Transcript PDF: *SOURCES:* Nomura’s interview: Terra and the Guardian: Xemnas telling Sora that Nobodies grow hearts: Ansem the Wise telling Riku that Nobodies grow hearts: Namine crying: Axel wondering if Nobodies have hearts: Roxas crying: KH3′s entire epilogue: Wielders perishing in the War: Strelitzia perishing: Strelitzia’s theorized heart The Final World: Time travelers using replicas: Master Xehanort being a portal for Young Xehanort: Young Xehanort quickly teleporting: Riku waking up Sora in DDD: Sora waking up Ventus in KH3: Sora’s view when the Guardians were resurrected: The Guardians’ transparent bodies with the Lich: Sora’s transparent body in The Final World: Xigbar foreshadowing Sora’s demise: Sora releasing his heart with a Keyblade of Heart: Xehanort releasing his heart with No Name: Observation Reports 2: Observation Report 3:

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