🤔NAMINE KNOWS THE NAMELESS STAR'S IDENTITY?!🤔 | Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMind Dlc - (Theory)

author BIAX   6 mounths ago

🤔NAMINE KNOWS THE NAMELESS STAR'S IDENTITY?!🤔 | Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMind Dlc - (Theory)

How's it Going Animates!! I am back at it again with another Kingdom Hearts theory that is quite questioning. I've been recently thinking about Namine and the possibility of her actually knowing who the Nameless Star really is and maybe she maybe an important character going forward into the series.

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There is a MISSABLE CUTSCENE in Kingdom Hearts 3 that fans have been speculating about since the games release. Though the recent ReMIND trailer and my own research may have given us a PIVOTAL CLUE in figuring out the answer to this theory... Don't Forget ▷ To Leave a Like! Share the video ▷ EVERYWHERE! (Good places to share: Discord, Facebook, Twitter, ect.) Join our PUBLIC Kingdom Hearts Discord Server! ★)- https://discord.gg/6p3dpm9 Become a Channel Member Today! ★)- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5xi41iu28NCXvkmsJOAamQ/join Subscribe for more ★QUALITY★ Content! ▷ https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=xTheOnlyProdigyx757 Kingdom Hearts News Sites I often use: ★)- https://www.khinsider.com ★)- https://www.kh13.com/ ★)- https://www.khwiki.com/ Click Below ▷ To Follow/Subscribe to me on Social Media Twitter ★)- https://twitter.com/ProdigyxCD Twitch ★)- http://www.twitch.tv/prodigyxcd Instagram ★)- https://www.instagram.com/prodigy_cd/ #KingdomHearts #KH3 #KingdomHearts3ReMIND #KH3ReMIND #KH3DLC #VerumRex #FinalFantasy #SquareEnix #Disney

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