Crysis 16K gameplay | Crysis 16K gaming | Crysis 16K resolution | RTX 2080 TI | 16K

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Crysis 16K gameplay | Crysis 16K gaming | Crysis 16K resolution | RTX 2080 TI was recorded for demonstration and educational purposes. Crysis 16K resolution gameplay was recorded with ShadowPlay in real-time in 4K resolution to reduce all the lag and demonstrate you fps without a dramatic fps drop or lag, so to get fps without the recording just add 3 fps to the fps counter.

I used PC System specs:

Motherboard: Asus Maximus XI Hero Wi-fi

CPU: Intel Core i9 9900K 5.3GHz stable overclocked( 6 cores enabled, 2 cores were disabled and no hyper threading with vcore: 1.395v)

SSD: Crucial 2 TB M500 for game installation

Ram DDR4: Corsair Vengeance 2133 MHz CAS 13

Video cards: 2x EVGA XC Ultra RTX 2080 Ti video cards with EVGA NVLink SLI bridge (GPUs were stock frequencies and VRAM was overclocked to +600 MHz (+1200 MHz additional frequencies boost to stock GDDR6 frequencies)

Power Supply: EVGA 1600 Watt T2 Titanium Grade

OS: Windows 10 Pro installed on Samsung 850 Pro 2 TB

Recording software: Nvidia ShadowPlay while recording at 4K resolution to decrease video encoding lag

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