Rez Infinite (VR Mode) // All Bosses

author Beat That Boss   10 mounths ago

This may be dizzy for some people ! But playing this in VR is a blast !


All Bosses :

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All boss fights and ending in Runner3. 0:00 - The Sausage Santa 1:58 - The Fat Lords 3:14 - Reverse Mermech 4:45 - The Timbletot 7:06 - Ending ► If you enjoyed the video, please like and subscribe for more! Bit Trip Presents Runner 3 All Bosses Nintendo Switch PC

Area 5 all 100% (PS4 Pro without PS VR) 完璧なプレイではありませんがAll100%です。もう一つのムービーの方がボス戦は早いです。 Rez Infinite!/ja-jp/tid=CUSA06209_00

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Official soundtrack from Rez by different composers. Support me: Tracklist: 01. Buggie Running Beeps 01 (area 01) 00:00 [by Keiichi Sugiyama] 02. Protocol Rain (area 02) 05:50 [by Mist] 03. Creation the State of Art (Full Option) (area 03) 12:58 [by Ken Ishii] 04. Rock Is Sponge (area 04) 19:32 [by Joujouka] 05. Fear (Rez Edit) (area 05) 27:04 [by Adam Freeland] 06. Boss Attacks (Remix) (Eden/Last Boss) 32:10 [by Coldcut & Tim Bran] 07. F6 G5 (Lost area) 39:25 [by EBZ] 08. Octaeder 0.1. 47:13 [by Oval] 09. Creative State 50:36 [by Ken Ishii] 10. P-Project (Transemission) 56:57 [by Oval] A soundtrack CD to Rez called Rez / Gamer's Guide to…was released on January 23, 2002 including 10 songs. In January 2017 iam8bit has started selling a Rez Infinite soundtrack on Vinyl.


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