Top 10 Call of Duty Death Scenes

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These are the top 10 death scenes in call of duty / CoD history (This is my opinion)

This video has clips from: cod4 Modern warfare, MW2, MW3, Black ops, BO2, Advanced Warfare. I didn't include ghosts or bo3 because they didn't have so good death scenes in them.


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10. Death of Jonathan Irons. (Curry Kidd)
9. Death of Bowman. (sgtNoob09)
8. Death of Mason (optional) and Hudson. (calloftreyarch)
7. Death of Imran Zakhaev. (TacoBeefMeat)
6. ''No Russia''.Death of Joseph Allen and russians. (oOoInstInCtoOo)
5. Death of Soap.
4. Death of Sandman and his crew. (suicideMonkeyBomber)
3. Death of Shepherd. (Vodkron)
2. Death of Makarov and Yuri. (InvisibleOverwatcher)
1. Death of Ghost and Roach. (acersin2)

THERE IS ACTUALLY 16 Scenes because of my little mistake. The WAW Beginning should not be there Finally a new video. Had to work for a while for this one. This is my first top 15 video. If you enjoyed the video, please leave a like and subscribe! Top 15 Cod cut scenes ever. This video has scenes from many different Call of Duty games. From call of duty 2 to advanced warfare and modern warfare remastered. No black ops 3 or infinity warfare were used because i haven't played the campaigns properly. **TOP 15! WATCH THE VIDEO FIRST!** 15. CoD Advanced Warfare AW Ending scene with jonathan irons BONUS (i made a little mistake while editing and put this clip in) - The beginning of World at War WAW 14. The sniping scene from Cod4 Modern warfare remastered. Shooting Imran Zakhaev with cpt. MacMillan 13. Black ops 1, Russian roulette with bowman woods and mason 12. Call of duty Ghosts Elias Death Scene 11. MWR aka Modern warfare remastered Nuke Scene 10. CoD World at War Ending with Reznov 9. Call of Duty 2 - Normandy Landings scene 8. BO2 / Black ops 2 Woods Killing Mason (Optional) 7. Hudson Death scene from black ops 2 - Raul Menendez kills Hudson 6. Woods fighting witch Lev Kravchenko 5. MW3 / Modern Warfare 3 - Death scene of Sandman and his crew 4. Call of duty 4 original MW ending scene 3. MW2 / Modern warfare 2 ending - Killing Shepherd with Price 2. CoD MW3 Ending - Killing Makarov with Price and Yuri 1. MW2 - Deaths of Ghost and Roach

5) Shooter 4) Hurt Locker 3) Saving private Ryan 2) American Sniper 1) Captain Phillips

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