NFSHP | Blacklist Vs Killers

author Fantindoo   4 years ago

Here's our battle vs the Killers. I forgot to record the last round which resulted in a win for us.

Blacklist lineup: Ani, CIR28, NOOB_GIRL2011, CityElectric

Killers lineup: Merida, Zeus, Cameltoe, Luis Bustamante

Title says it all.

The rematch between Blacklist and HP. Line-ups: Blacklist: Seen in video. HP: Tiger, Proser, Blitz & Blaze.

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit - [Racers] EAGLE CREST - Blacklisted (Hot Pursuit) 4:13.48 블로그 유튜브 채널

Author: The Blacklist Team Uploaded by: NFSARUnholy *Rules* -No Glitches/Cheating -Every racer who finish the races gains 1 point for his/her team! (3 racers = 3 points etc.) -The cops is only there to bust as many as possible, if no racers finish they gain 0 points! -If the racers' got 1 player in the finish, and the rest doesn't finish, you only get 1 point. Only the amount of racers in the finish counts. THIS IS THE FIRST HP BATTLE BETWEEN TEAMS MADE! Rules made up by ratLsnake7.

Round 3 and 4 of this amazing team battle.


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