DOOM 64 - The Forgotten Sequel - Why Was It Forgotten

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DOOM 64 is an interesting case in gaming history. Even though DOOM 64 plays a major importance to the story and lore in the DOOM franchise, DOOM 64 is a game that gamers ended up forgetting about. Recently there was the announcement of the first re-release of DOOM 64 in gaming history on the Nintendo Direct on September 4th 2019. Since that happened I ended rushing to complete this video on DOOM 64 and why it was a forgotten game in the DOOM franchise as well as it's differences from other DOOM games. I coincidentally starting working on this DOOM 64 video over a month ago. DOOM 64 is a game that deserves to be remembered. DOOM fans and gamers should be talking about DOOM 64 and it's importance in gaming history more. In this video I'm going to try and explain why DOOM 64 ended up being forgotten.

What you will see in this DOOM 64 video is going to be: DOOM 64's place in the DOOM timeline, how DOOM 64 compares to other DOOM games and then finally some theories as to why the game didn't get re-released. I'll be attempting to get in contact with members of id Software and Bethesda to do a follow up video to get the exact reason. At the time of writing and initial editing of this DOOM 64 video, the announcement hadn't been made. Not wanting all my hard work to go to waste I decided to finish this DOOM 64 video.

I'll be making more videos on the DOOM franchise as well as doing more analysis videos on other games that I believe that deserve to be talked about. I'll also be talking about interesting cases in gaming history. I don't have a name for this series yet so if you have an idea in mind for a name, please let me know in the comments.

Let me know what you think of this DOOM 64 video and please spread it around so that I may be able to quickly get in touch with the right people to learn more about why DOOM 64 took so long to be re-released.


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Ever considered the story in the 2016 release of Doom? I mean REALLY thought about it. Well I have. There's much more here than meets the eye... I'm aware I accidently say 2006 instead of 2016... apparently I'm stuck in the past... Follow us on Twitter: Like us on Facebook:

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