Who's Hungry?

author storkeater   10 years ago

My first year calarts film: "Who's Hungry?" Not for little children. Film would not exist without the help of my beautiful girlfriend Michelle.

Here's an animation I made last spring. It's based on the story "Just Delicious" that was featured in "Scary Stories 3," a book I read all the time when I was little. Freaky, freaky stuff. I know my simple "style" pales in comparison to Stephen Gammell's drawings, but I tried to make it a little more like his illustrations. And yeah, go read those books, they're for kids, but dammit, they're awesome.

This video is copyrighted © Emlyn Boyle 2012 - so please do not steal for any purpose or i will have to report you for copyright violation. Thanks :) A story set at a bus stop :) No spoilers or nasty comments please, but feedback is otherwise welcome. Thanks :)

ファストフードの創世記。 The Cenesis of the fast food.

Become Fan of Faceless Neil on Facebook today! https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Faceless-Neil/254326160308 This was my thesis film, finished in May 2010. The Face Shop is dark comedy for children about Faceless Neil. The Story; Neil is an 11 years old boy without a face. Along with his monster friend Manny, he goes to a Face shop hoping to find a suitable face. Will Neil find his face? Find out in this creepy cute cartoon!

A village is ruled by the church, but it filled with hypocritical sinners who constantly spy on each other.


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