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An in-depth look at an average day at work for a high school cheerleader.

You've seen infomercials for all kinds of products before... stuff that cleans, stuff that makes food... but why hasn't there been something that can just do anything? If you ever wanted something like that, then this is for you! This was supposed to take a few weeks, but right when I was like half-done with it, a bunch of work came up that I had to do, and then it ultimately prolonged it by a very long time. So, like most of my stuff, you can see the quality get less-bad as the video goes. Oh well.

papaoutai (official video / clip officiel) album √ (racine carrée) --- #Stromae #Papaoutai #Vevo #French #ClipOfficiel #Alternative


The brand new sensation in #DIY #craft is #PomPomWow! Watch as Maya #Toys covers an entire smart car in PomPom Wow! This amazing PR stunt in New York Toy Fair 2016 has everyone talking about Pom Pom Wow! Special thanks to Chris Byrne, The Toy Guy & the whole team that helped decorate! Pom Pom Your World! New York Toy Fair 2016 We're taking this car & a new product from Maya called PomPomWow where you basically stick, pull, & wow! And they're going to cover this entire Smart Car! 8 hours, 22 minutes & 15,000 PomPomWows later... Probably going to be one of the most AMAZING things you're going to see at Toy Fair this week! What will you Pom Pom? Follow us on Social Media: Find Pom Pom Wow at Toys R Us, Target, Walmart, Kmart, & Amazon!

Bliss and Keili are confronted by the evil Kadosa while shopping! This is just a very retarded video I made because I felt like it. Little did I realize that it would take over two months. :/ I hope my future stuff doesn't take so long to finish. Thanks to SirUndead and RicePirate for their awesome voice-acting, and thanks to Spazkid, StaticBunny and Daigonite for their testing and support! :I There's some issues with this video thanks to all the converting and garbage I had to do to get it to be uploaded here, like some parts the audio is kinda out-of-sync and sometimes the picture gets kinda pixely.


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