Batman Arkham Knight - Combo Master AR Challenge - 3 Stars - Batman

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Here you can find a 3 star run of the AR Challenge "Combo Master," while playing as Batman.

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Batman: The Enemy Within is an episodic point-and-click graphic adventure video game developed and published by Telltale Games and distributed by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment under its DC Entertainment label. The game is a sequel to 2016's Batman: The Telltale Series, which was based on Bob Kane and Bill Finger's Batman character, though not tied to any previous adaptation of the work in film or other media. The game features a similar episodic format found in other past Telltale titles (such as The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us and Tales from the Borderlands), where the story is affected by both the dialogue and action choices of the player during quick time events. It will present situations to the player where they may choose to approach as Bruce Wayne or as Batman. Plot[edit] The Enigma[edit] Approximately one year after the defeat of Vicki Vale/Lady Arkham, Bruce Wayne slowly starts regaining his reputation following the unveiling of his parents as criminals. He targets Rumi Mori as one of Gotham City's largest arms dealers, who is at a casino. However, a man wearing a hood asks Mori a riddle before slashing the throat of a waiter. Wayne heads towards an alley to suit up as Batman. He reenters the casino to see the man with the hood is Riddler, a criminal from the time of Wayne's father, Thomas. He saves the hostages and pursues Riddler. Riddler throws a puzzlebox at Batman, telling him if he doesn't solve his newest riddle, people will get hurt. After Riddler escapes, Batman meets Amanda Waller, director of the agency, as well as Waller's accomplices, Special Agents Avesta and Blake. He returns to a newly re-designed Batcave to decode the puzzlebox. He find that it is a record vinyl, and after playing it he receives a soundwave. He goes to Wayne Enterprises and asks Lucius Fox to decode it only for their meeting to be crashed by Tiffany, Fox's daughter. While Fox decodes the box, Wayne is interviewed by Agents Blake and Avesta. They suspect him of partaking in such criminal activities, which Wayne denies. After he is done talking to both agents, he is contacted by Fox who tells him the box is dangerous, and it is too late to save him. The device is a bomb, and Fox is killed in the explosion. At Fox's funeral, Wayne meets his earlier Arkham Asylum acquaintance John Doe, who had been released from the asylum for good conduct. John asks him for a favor, which Wayne may accept or deny. John wants Wayne to meet his "friend". After gaining a lead on Riddler, James Gordon and Batman are trapped in a booby-trapped hideout, where they must solve a riddle to get out alive. Determined to find Riddler, Bruce decides whether to go after Mori or Riddler's second-in-command. Regardless of choice, Batman finds that Riddler is on ship which holds Avesta, Blake, and Patrick, another agent. Batman infiltrates the ship but is trapped with Avesta. Riddler gives Batman time to solve 3 riddles. If he answers it correctly, Avesta will get her hurt by sonic waves to the ear. If he does not answer a question, Avesta's colleagues are killed one by one. Deciding on the players option, either Avesta becomes deaf or every agent is killed besides Avesta. Riddler is killed by a mysterious person after saying that John double-crossed him. The GCPD arrive and so does Amanda Waller who demotes Commissioner Gordon. After discussing that Riddler was part of an organization called "The Pact", she leaves Batman shocked when she deduces his identity as Bruce Wayne. Playlists: Good Choices Playlists: Bad Choices Playlists: Ugly Choices Playlists: Nite of Living Dead - Fortnite Playlist: Daily Decay - State of Decay Playlist - All Playlists - Twitter: YouTube Channel Extension App: Facebook: Subscribe: PS4 Gamer Tag - Darth-Duppy Xbox One Gamer Tag - Xlr8games Steam - Xlr8games Battlenet - Xlr8games

I am the Batman! 0:00 - Ace Chemical Factory 1:16 - Underground Miagani Tunnel 2:59 - Penguin's First Weapon Cache 4:41 - Stagg Airship 6:25 - Suicide Militia - Killinger's Shopping Mall 7:46 - Leaving GCPD 9:11 - Heading Back Into GCPD 10:28 - Roof of GCPD - Last Story Fight 13:11 - Saving Firefighter Lozar - Line of Duty Mission 14:33 - Huge Cult Group - Lamb to the Slaughter Mission Some of these fights took several hours and weeks to nail down and I mean each fight, not the whole video. I had to practice most of these situations over and over and over until I obtained a no hit and perfect freeflow while going through them on nightmare mode. Unfortunately, it took about six months to finally nail all of these. :'( It's here though and I'm deeply proud of the results. Hope you enjoy them too. Side Note - The perfect freeflow bonus does not appear after the fight on the roof of the Gotham City Police Department because the game forces the player to sit through the cut scene between the fight, rendering the bonus unattainable.

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This is episode 3 of batman the telltale series with noble and good choices. In this good choices episode 3 batman tires to be as nice as possible to everyone . In batman episode 3 harvey becomes the mayor and Harvey thanks batman for saving him and turning off the tv . Later batman pleads lady arkham to release catwoman . Batman kisses catwoman and does not have romance . Selina and bruce share a drink . Bruce sleeps on the couch . In this matman the telltale series episode 3 good choices bruce asks selina to stay in wayne manor . Bruce later refuses to fight with harvey and tries to help harvey . Bruce later praises oswald and hands over oswald the ceo of wayne enterprises . Good Bruce also forgives oswald for his bad deeds . I did not like this good choices episode much but it was still worth playing Batman the telltale series episode 3 again . Hippo Reddy


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