Modern Art made in 8-bit

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RECOMMEND A CHARACTER: Download the source files: Music by Michael @

Play Version 2.0 now: A number of people complained about the "food bosses: in AKR2, so for version 2.0 I reskinned all the non-Mario bosses as mushroom related entities. Version 2.0 includes tons of new art, new mechanics, and refined controls. Boss 1: Shroomario 0:02 Boss 2: The Colossal Muertoshroom 1:29 Boss 3: Fungumbrel 2:58 Boss 4: The Great Sir Lord Willenby Huxley Shroomingmyer III Esquire P.H.D. and Philanthropist Extraordinaire 4:14 Boss 5: Ribbupp 5:13 Music from the Newgrounds Audio Portal: Flying Through Pixel Land by mooseymaniac

Play the game: Here are all the standard powerups for the v2.0 build of A Koopa's Revenge 2. I did something different than the version 1 All Powerups video. All the text is off to the side instead of interrupting the video. Plus you can see Goomba and Shy Guy's forms in the same video. I didn't include the permanent powerups or the starman because they haven't changed at all. Happy Lambtaco Tuesday! Music from the Newgrounds Audio Portal: Snowball Game Music by Zildy Links: Play A Koopa's Revenge 2: Like us on facebook: Follow me on Twitter: Fave me on Newgrounds: Join the Discord Server:

This Music is from Pikmin the orginal and this is the Forest Navel is the third area in the game. The Pikmin 1 music can be found here

Hope you enjoyed!! SUBSCRIBE for more!!! Music: Pregunten - El Saña


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