Late night Call of Duty | Live | US Army Veteran

author Christopher Chaos   2 mounths ago

Not the greatest at video games but lets hang out and play some Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (Remastered).


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"VETERANS-UK [XARMY] Battalion" "BRIT-CRUSADER" is a War Gaming channel dedicated to Military Veterans who enjoy playing the PC Game ARMORED WARFARE. This online multi-player modern tank game has over 200 vehicles to research, upgrade and then deploy on operations in realistic battlefield environments. Every single penny earnt from this You Tube Channel will be directly donated to the Military Charity "HELP FOR HEROES"! HELP FOR HEROES, assist all members of the Armed Forces who have fallen on hard times; mainly due to sustained combat injuries, amputations and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). By subscribing to this channel you will assist me in donating money to this worthy charity; every time one of my videos are viewed. # YOUTUBE # FACEBOOK # HELP FOR HEROES THANK YOU!

Hey everyone I’m CuBe Rituxll (Originally Circuit Xray) Moving onto bigger and better things 🔔 Notification Squad ? 🔔 Leave a like 👍 💲DONATIONS: 👻 Snapchat: zackw1738 ROAD TO 1K !!! MASSIVE GIVEAWAY AT 1K !!! Everyone remain positive P.O BOX COMING SOON FOR BUSINESS INQUIRES: EMAIL ME: ZACKWINANS42@GMAIL.COM THANKS HAVE A GREAT DAY #modernwarfare #codmw #callofduty #callofdutymodernwarfare

Happy Veterans Day to all past and present members of the United States military. For this veterans day video I am explaining who I am and my background in the US Army. //////////////My LINKS///////////////////// ✅ Web site: ✅ Store: ✅ Twitter: ✅ Facebook: ✅ Insatgram: ✅ Snapchat user name: ThatChrisChaos ////////////Gear I use for my videos /////////////////// For a visual look at my gear with links visit my site here: MY CANON SET UP Canon 70D- Canon 10-18 MM wide angel lens- Canon 18-135 lens- JOBY flexible tripod- Rode Mic- POCKET SIZE SET UP Canon G7X GoPro SET UP GoPro Hero5- GoPro Jaws Clamp- GoPro suction cup- Chest mount- GoPro Karma drone- Karma Grip- DISCLAIMER: This description contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps support the channel and helps me improve the quality and content of my videos. Thank you for the support!

When an early YouTuber finds unexpected success and viewership, he struggles to maintain it as he gradually alienates both his viewership and his friends. Patreon: Twitter:

A full history of the Call of Duty franchise. From the original game in 2003, up to the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare in 2019. Celebrate the release of the return of one of the most iconic shooter video game series of all time by learning what led up to this pinnacle moment. Join me as I detail each and every game, breaking down their development history, storyline, gameplay features, visuals, and their critical reception, all backed with each game's original soundtrack. Patreon: Even the smallest donations help me make these videos! (I record all of my own footage and need to purchase several old games for the footage) This video in particular took me longer than any project I've ever worked on. I put a ton of passion and effort into this documentary - but even so, there are bound to be errors. Please feel free to let me know in the comments if you spot one! Also, special thanks to CasualKlutz for helping with some research and writing on the Treyarch games. Now sit back, grab a drink and enjoy the ENTIRE History of COD! #CallofDuty #ModernWarfare #CodNation


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