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There was one time I forgot to mention from ‘The Dark Knight III: The Master Race’ This comic is set in the world of the ‘Dark Knight Returns’ and the story is pretty simple. a group of Kyrptonians who live in the shrunken city of Kandor, that resides in Supermans fortress of solitude, trick the atom into making them full size again. And then in the real world they of course get the same powers of superman as all kryptonians get superpwers from yellow sunlight. And then they use this power to basically try to take over the world. Obviously the heroes are trying to stop them but during one of the battles batman is hit by a heat vision blast and going to die so superman takes him to a lazarus pit to heal him, he is of course healed and the pit also restores him to his Youth. Which is really what the world needed as a young batman can of course defeat a cult of super powered kryptonians, he is batman after all. Really sorry this is not in the video, big cock up on my part. Like The Video? Support Us On Patreon - Like Us On Facebook - Like The Backing Music? Listen/Download Here:

10 things that drive Batman Arkham series fans crazy. We love these games, but we also like to nitpick. What do you have to say about the Arkham series? Let's talk in the comments! ★ Subscribe for more:

This video showcases each suit-up scene in each movie from 1966-1997.

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