8 Reasons Forza Horizon 4 Is One Of The Best Racing Games Ever Made | PC Review

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Forza Horizon 4 is one of the best racing games I’ve ever played - it’s a celebration of all things on wheels that gives you a fantasy garage and a chunk of Britain to tear up. In this PC gameplay I review what I love about this game and explain why it’s the best racing game I’ve played in years. (Well, since the last one.)

Our full Forza Horizon 4 review is on Rock Paper Shotgun: The Site - I’ll pop a link to it below - but this list breaks down what makes Horizon one of the best driving games around. I see Playground Games motoring epic as a driving roleplaying game, where instead of a hero exploring a wild land, you’re uncovering it from the comfort of over 400 cars. Whether you want to do that as a street racer, a drifter or on bouncy cross country adventures, that’s up to you - Forza Horizon 4 is all about enjoying the roads as you see fit.

In this video list, I look at how the opening to the game brilliantly crushes tens of hours of fun into a pure ten minute hoon; I look at how seasons reinvent the world and give the game a neat real-time twist; I look at Forza Horizon 4’s dynamic new online mode, which mixes Destiny and Honda Civics to wonderful effect. I also spent too much time jumping off the top of hills in a buggy, because this game has one of the bumpiest landscapes ever built for a game. Honestly, I’ve spent about 10 hours of this review focusing exclusively on cross country races - I could replay these for weeks.

In our Forza Horizon 4 PC gameplay - recorded at 1440p at 60fps - I also look into how the series has evolved its campaign structure and reinvented the bucket list challenges to add a bit of story to the proceedings. It really is a dream sequel - taking every feature from the previous Forza Horizon series and polishing it growing it in meaningful ways. And whether you’re playing the game on PC or firing Forza Horizon 4 on Xbox One X or Xbox One, you’re going to see some staggeringly pretty game making.

I should note that I’m coming at this from the direction of someone who isn’t normally into racing games - I prefer things to be arcade-y. Give me Mario Kart, OutRun or the like and I’m happy. The magic of Forza Horizon 4 is that it allows you to skid around and do dumb stuff in expensive cars, but can also be tweaked to provide a more hardcore experience. So when I call it one of the best racing games of all time, it’s coming from a personal place - this is the racing game series that made me fall in love with racing games. The TLDR version: I like it a lot.

If you’ve been playing the game, we’d love to hear your Forza Horizon 4 reviews in the comments below. And if you are still on the fence and have some questions, please do ask them in the comments - I will do my best to answer them. Hopefully the video explains itself clearly - happy to clear up an confusing points.

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