5 Times Dizaster Looked Invincible (Best of Dizaster)

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Kiwi Clips takes a look into 5 times Dizaster looked invincible.

Link to Battles;
5. Dizaster Vs Sensa:

4. Dizaster Vs PoRICH:

3. Dizaster Vs Math Hoffa:

2. Dizaster Vs DNA:

1. Dizaster Vs Canibus:

1Big Kannon Ored - Double Rebuttal Coming in at number 1, Big Kannon vs O-Red. O-Red speaks at great lengths about Big Kannon not actually living in Chicago - he also refers to Kannon as “NAME OF PLAYER HERE” - Kannon goes at both with this humungeous rebuttal For those sports challenged indviiduals  - this is __________. Anyways, this DOUBLE rebuttal, that lasted for several minutes - was crazy. 2The Saurus - Fathered this entire scene (2x) Coming in at number 2, The Saurus vs Pat Stay - Pat Stay mentions Bishop Brigante - who at the time was involved in a semi public dispute with Stay - and he also talked at great legnth about The Saurus’ parenting. The Saurus addresses both with this legendary rebuttal I don’t really have much to say about this one… it pretty much speaks for itself 3Diz DNA Prince of Persia Coming in at number 3 - Dizaster vs DNA - DNA, rightfully so, goes at Dizaster for going far over the time limit. Dizaster comes back with this crazy rebuttal. Now for those of who who don’t know, the Prince of Persia is a video game and movie in which the character - the Prince of Persia - controls time. 4Hollow Okwerdz - Chopped n Screwed (2x) Coming in at number 4 - Hollow Da Don vs Okwerdz - Okwerdz makes fun of Hollow’s Houston and New York residenency. Hollow here shows exactly what I say on a regular basis - Hollow is by far one of the most creative battlers of all time. He could have just rebuttaled Okwerdz’ statement - he could have just opened with “what will hollow do” - he could have just done the chopped and screwed impression - but he did ALL of that. 5Saurus Madness 360/Justice - Benjamin Button Coming in at number 5 - The Saurus and Maddness vs 360 and Justice - The Saurus remarks that since their battle in 2006 - Justice hasn’t seemed to age - and calls him Benjamin button. Justice replies with this quick widded rebuttal Justice’s rebuttal was put together very well, delivered cleanly, and hit. 6Hollow Big T - Balrog Coming in at number 6 - Hollow Da Don vs Big T - Big T pokes fun at Hollow’s use of eccentric descriptions of how he will beat his opponent. Hollow responds. Now, like i’ve said in a previous video - I thought balrog was a completely different character. But to be honest - both work. 7Clips Conceited - Captain Morgan Coming in at number 7 - Charlie Clips vs Conceited. Conceited does a slow it down with Captain Morgan as a theme. Charlie Clips flips it. Now by itself, this rebuttal is fantastic - but the charisma and delivery that Charlie Clips brings took this one to a whole other level. 8Saurus Mac Lethal - Entire second round.  Tomato, Real Deal battle, dirtbag dan, turtle, In the only rebuttal I can think of that took up an entire round - The Saurus rebuttals Mac Lethal’s rebuttaling, mention of Lettuce and Bacon, Satan, Judging of the Real Deal battle, his music, and the mention of a turtle. Now this rebuttal literally went on for an entire round and included 6 different rebuttals. One possible reason for the large amount of freestyling and rebuttalling here may possibly be related to the fact that this battle was taken on 24 hour notice. 9Kid Twist DFD - Cat Fight Coming in at number 9 - Kid Twist vs Dumbfoundead. After Dumbfoundead calls Kid Twist vs Fresco a “cat fight” - Kid Twist responds with this - In general, kid twist is an extremely agile and quick widded battler - and this rebuttal shows that. 10Soul Khan Fresco - Mind Bodying Soul Coming in at number 10, Fresco vs Soul Khan - Soul Khan indicates that Fresco’s hip hop knowledge is limited - and says this.. To which fresco responds with this - 11Hollow Goodz - Double Rebuttal Coming in at number 11, Hollow Da Don vs Goodz - Goodz talks shit about Hollow’s music and also makes mention of the Hanns situation. Hollow responds. Using not only two different rebuttals - but including two different plays on words - this rebuttal was extremely impressive. 12Charron Unan Albino Coming in at number 12, Charron vs Unanymous - Unanymous goes at fellow Dont Flop battler Villun - and Charron responds. There are so many different things about this rebuttal that are impressive. First, this was a multi line rebuttal. Second, the fake out of the handshake was an added level of showmanship. 13Hollohan Cortez no self respect Coming in at number 13, Hollohan vs Cortez - Hollohan rebukes Cortez’ claims that he is a racist This was an interesting approach in that it shifted the focus of Cortez’ personals against Hollohan. Instead of Hollohan being a racist - according to this rebuttal - Cortez was either not about the action or simply making things up for reaction. 14 BIgg K Saurus Fox fight Coming in at number 14, Bigg K vs The Saurus. Bigg K responds to The Saurus poking fun at t Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzv9Lb8mOhOvJ_Y98njxVdA?sub_confirmation=1 Follow me on Twitter - twitter.com/minnesotaluke

Hitman vs Arsonal Arsonal had previously beaten STL battler Remy D The East Coast and the Midwest have always had a rivalry in battle rap that has ranged from friendly to serious. Ironically, arguably the biggest Midwest/East Coast grudge match of all time featured somebody from New Jersey - not New York City. Hitman Holla vs Arsonal was a battle that was years in the making. With the formation of Street Status and St Louis as a formidable opponent to east coast battle dominance, this rivalry began. Eventually, this rivalry pitted St Louis battler Hitman Holla against Newark battler Arsonal. The battle between the two was supposed to go down on the Lionz Den in March 2009 - but it never did. Then, Arsonal beat out Hitman’s Street Status and St Louis companion Remy D at the Fight Klub. Then the blogs started happening HITMAN HOLLA RESPONDS TO THE LIONS DEN - 1:20 8:18 The Official Arsonal Footage going at hittman holla, worldstarhihop chopped it up for controversy but we always show the full story Part 2 :23 - “you had on this chain…” 1:00 - fuck STL Part 1 - 7:15 - “ur name lil gerald u young” :58 - “they should have told u that wasnt a good look”  HITMAN HOLLA RESPONDS TO ARSONAL'S ST. LOUIS DISS...STREET STATUS DVD 2:23 - Arsonal impression 3:37 - Pay for your hotel - one way ticket Arsonal Disses Hitman Holla, Nelly, Murphy Lee/ Talks URL Battle - 1:06 The Ultimate Rap League eventually set this battle up as the main event for their December 12th, 2010 card. The battle was very personal and highly tense. ______________________________ Following the battle, Arsonal and Hitman put their differences behind them. Arsonal came to St Louis a few years later and the two have appeared together on Wildn Out. Marvwon Pat Stay April 23rd 2011 - King of the Dot’s Gridlock event Marvwon and Loe Pesci are battling. During his second and third round - Marvwon had some lines about pat Stay _________________________ During Marv’s mention of Stay in his third round, Pat Stay interrupts from the sidelines ____________________________ Initially, Marv continued to rap - but at the end of his third went directly up to Stay _____________________________ This incident caused a great demand for a battle to go down between the two - and it eventually did on August 5th, 2011 at King of the Dot’s World Domination 2 event. The battle itself was marred by several controversial and high profile moments - including Marvwon pre-emptively rebuttalling Pat Stay, Sketch Menace interrupting Pat Stay, the development of Bishop Brigante and Pat Stay as a beef, and Pat Stay having one of the most disrespectful rounds in battle history. The battle remained peaceful, however, and the two buried the hatchet -  3315/3335 - Marvwon Stay Angry Fan Shotgun Suge vs Bill Collector Often times in battle rap, what we find is that battlers don’t get along for one reason or another. Those reasons are not always disclosed to the general public. For Bill Collector and Shotgun Suge - that was the case. What were public, were the diss tracks that were released and the blogs that were put out ----------- Blogs :30 Smack/URL Strategy Room: Bill Collector Freestyle Disses Shotgun Suge & O-Red 2:00 Shotgun Suge Dissing Bill Collector & Rosenberg Raw ---------------------------- Due to the personal issues between the two,the  diss tracks, and the blogging back and forth - this battle had to happen… and on April 20th, 2013 - the Ultimate Rap League in an event justifiably named “Unfinished Business” During the first half, this battle was ridiculously intense. I remember watching this and thinking on several occasions that a fight was going to break out. When it didn’t I was honestly surprised as hell. The two seemed to cool down by the end of the battle however, with smiles replacing stare downs. Dizaster DNA DNA vs Dizaster is in many ways the tale of two battlers who are very similar. Both were the early faces of Grindtime - DNA starting in Grind Time NY only a few months after Dizaster did so  in California. Both have an impeccable freestyle and rebuttal game. Both have battled on a huge number of leagues in a large number of cities. They are both two of the highest viewed battlers of all time. And - they are both very much loved and hated. During and after DNA’s time with GrindTime - Dizaster would call him out - ________________________________________________ In one infamous case, Dizaster did this directly to DNA in New York City ______________________________________________________________ The two also took to Twitter, Facebook, Battle Forums, and Youtube blog to go at one another - __________________________________________________________________________ DNA leaving Grindtime only furthered this fued. On sever Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzv9Lb8mOhOvJ_Y98njxVdA?sub_confirmation=1 Follow me on Twitter - twitter.com/minnesotaluke

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Best Of Dizaster (HUGE COMPILATION) https://twitter.com/MRDIZASTER https://www.facebook.com/Dizaster.official.fanpage/ https://www.instagram.com/mrdizaster This video features battles with: Big T, Math Hoffa, HFK, Chilla Jones, Pat Stay, Gjonaj, Dumpfoundead, PoRICH, SMP, Canibus and DNA. The original videos by: KOTD: https://www.youtube.com/user/KingOfTheDot Grindtime Now: https://www.youtube.com/user/Drect


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