Red Hood Story Pack -Walkthrough

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Redhood Story Pack

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[WARNING: THIS VIDEO CONTAINS MAJOR SPOILERS FROM THE MAIN STORY OF BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT] This video features the whole boss fight against the Arkham Knight, as to say Jason Todd, from Batman: Arkham Knight. Note that this video was recorded while playing on new game plus mode. The boss fight against Jason Todd could as well be the only proper boss battle on foot from Batman: Arkham Knight and is stealth-based. The encounter is made of four different phases where you have to reach Jason on his vantage point after dealing with the obstacles he summoned. The phases go as following: - In the first phase you just have to reach Jason while staying clear from the reach of his sniper rifle - Upon the beginning of the second phase Jason will summon a small group of assorted members of the militia. You don't have to take them all down, as your objective is still to reach Jason and they'll simply disappear as soon as the next phase will start. During this phase Jason will try to track you down again with his sniper rifle and also send a drone after you -The third phase of the fight goes exactly as the second one, but this time Jason will send him a pack of militia men outfitted with uniforms that prevent you from tracking them with your detective vision. Aside from that, they are your average militia soldier. Again, you don't have to take care of all of them and can choose to go directly after Jason - The fourth phase is about reaching Jason while moving around yet another drone and two automated turrets

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Hi guys, today we are trying out this 2 new Disney Marvel Avengers Infinity War Iron Spider and Iron Man costumes. This is the latest Disney costumes for the new Avengers Infinity War movie . Not only it looks cool but it also comes with built in sound FX which is the first we have seen from a costume. Thanks for watching guys if you enjoy this video stay tune for all the Avengers Infinity War toys video coming soon.


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