•~The girl who cant talk~• MiniMovie (Gachaverse)

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Okay... i edited again... soooo, people says that it has to be mute for short. BUT its my opinion.My channel.AND my video so stop comment like that, AND asking why the grammar is SUCKS, BECAUSE ENGLISH IS NOT MY FIRST Language!! Okay pls understand here, Even said "if your language is not English than you should practice more!" Well i am practicing THIS and i make the video about 1 week... And yall are confused WHY elizah was talk at the end? Actually she cant talk when her parents died because of got bullying, and at the end after felt happy she can talk again.. understand already? I know this movie is not make any sense BUT I TRIED this is my first mini movie okay? I tried... sorry if i being rude... but pls stop saying it again. My last words here... uhhh 😭😭

This is my first video. Please be nice and share your opinions. Have a lovely day

Well Here it is, I Just Want To Explain Something about It, This Video Is NOT Real, It's Just So People Can Get Inspired, I Made This to Let all Depressed People Know That There are Someone who Has Been Through Alot an Yet They Kept Thinking Positive, To Also Let GachaTubers Or People Know That There are Someone Who Would Love You Just The Way You are, ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 🔵 More Information About the Movie:🔵 🔷Liam Was Depressed Over Sabirah's Death But With Lara's And Jayden's Support He Kept His Head High If He Commit Suicide, He Knew That Sabirah wont be Proud 🔷And Yes That Is Jayden From My Bully Loves me, His Original Hair was Red 🔷Liam Bullied Sabirah Because He Didn't Want to Give Her all The Attention 🔷The Aunt Got Arrested For Child Abuse I Know Its Kind of Liam's Fault But Aunt Kate Didn't Care about Sabirah's Death, So It's her Fault too ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I Made This For You All To Enjoy 🔵💗Little Message:💗🔵 Someone Have to Love You And Someone WILL Love You Keep All The Positive Thoughts Be Patient, You'll Find Your Happy Ending Sooner or Later💖 *Btw I Do Not Own The Audios! * Hope You Enjoyed Thanks for Watching Bye!

So i hope you enjoyed the first episode! Im trying to upload these videos more daily :D! Alright have a wonderful day!

A Girl used to be really bad but her dad hired someone to make the girl nice and gentle, that day, the girl became very nice and gentle. The Songs Are: Idol (Piano Cover) Fake love (Piano Cover)

FINALLY DONE WITH DIS MINI MOVIE sorry if it’s any wrong grammar or mistakes in this video ;-; hope you enjoy the video Should I do part 2? And also HAPPY HALLOWEEN


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