Sea of Thieves Shrouded Spoils Live Play

author Mike   4 mounths ago

We started with Skelly Ships and a Skelly Fort, but a plot started when we came upon a group of Pirate Legends doing an Ashen Athenas in the Devil's Roar. Little did they know they were, in fact, doing it not for themselves...but they were bringing the Chest of Legends right to the cursed captain himself...Hitbotc ----------- I started this YouTube channel in hopes of creating a family-friendly gaming channel that had fun content for everyone. Though I may be the Cursed Captain of the Sea of Thieves, the rest of these scurvy dogs is Dirnan, Lowbobc, Beardomc, Sharpijc, Jester, and Greybeard. In real life, we are all family and have been doing weekly game nights for 5+ years now and don’t intend to stop anytime soon. I have a passion for seeing good and entertaining gaming content in the community that is family-friendly. I can’t thank everyone enough for all the support! Seriously. I love reading your comments, hearing your stories, and getting to know all of you. Word’s cannot express how much a subscribe, comment, or like helps encourage me to keep making more content! Feel free to also join up on my Family-Friendly Hitbotc Gaming discord - Read up on the lore - #SeaOfThieves #Hitbotc #BeMorePirate

In this video, Captain Hitbotc and his faithful Quartermaster take on some Pirate Legends (Athena 10s) at a Skelly Fort! They tried their best but in the end their best was not good enough.

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Sea of Thieves Shrouded Spoils has arrived! Joined by my buddy Holdacious this was one hell of a Pirate Adventure! #BeMorePirate #SoT #SeaOfThieves Holdacious ► Patreon ► Twitch ► Discord ► Twitter ► Facebook ► Instagram ► All VR Games ► All Horror Games ► All Fun Games ► Patreon Spammals Supporters! ► Axel Johansson ► Connor Jeffrey ► Max Kuenstling ► Gary Thompson ► Casey Wood ► Michael Welch ► Tina Patterson Music Provided by NoCopyrightSounds • Laszlo - Imaginary Friends: • Laszlo -

The rowboat is by far the Solo Sloopers best friend on the seas! In this video, I may have lost my sloop, but I did not lose the treasure! And the best part is? They NEVER SAW IT COMING!


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