Transformers Stop motion - Prime VS Menasor 柯博文VS飛天虎

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Optimus Prime in Action again, Prime will face a new big enemy this time, video took around 20 days of production time and 3000 pictures.

After "Bye my sweet",i upload a new film today. I am sorry that I let you wait for six months. In fact,I always keep shooting movie ,however it always"NG". Maybe it is a process that make me can show you a better works. Facebook:St40514 Behind the scenes: In addition, I hope everyone can support the page of stop motion on FB . It is established by me and the stop motion aficionado,hope you can press the "L" to give us an affirmation. If you want to join in us , just leave a message on our page, we will add you into our alliance . Thank you. Stop Motion Alliance Link:!/pages/Stop-Motion-Alliance/137881259663331 哈摟,這是我的第...幾部停格動畫去了...@@ 在Bye my sweet之後過了半年才又Po了新片, 真的很抱歉((鞠躬 其實一直有在做啦只是NG超多,不過都沒傳上來,就當作是在練功吧. 這部是今年寒假做的,只花大概四天的時間趕拍出來, 所以在分鏡以及劇情上有很多不足還需要改進, 還有其他很多缺點也請大家多多包涵,不吝指教,謝謝支持喔. Facebook:St40514 幕後花絮: 另外也希望大家支持我與停格動畫同好們所組成的FB停格動畫聯盟喔, 希望大家都可以去按個讚:D 如果想加入我們的話只需在粉絲專頁留言告知,我們會另外把你加進聯盟的秘密社團喔. 停格動畫聯盟粉絲專頁網址:!/pages/Stop-Motion-Alliance/137881259663331 Behind the scenes:

Check out our Merchandise stuff for sale here Transformers Generation Stop Motion Movie. Finally it is done!. took me 6 month for whole filming proses. At the beginning this movie was suppose to be separate into two part. But think again...better let it be a whole full length release. Even tho this is not a 2 hour or 3 hour kinda movie lol. And luckily there is a figure that have accuracy of the G1 Original design. Such as Masterpiece series and some 3rd party stuff. Their have great articulation and good poseability on each figure that could delivered the action you wanted. And most of the figures i use is loan from friends. Wish they were mine so i can make more accuracy on it. Such as battle damage..wheathering effects...all that kinda of stuff haha.. surely will look more interesting The love on the G1 cartoon is too high that make me made this short movie. It's took too much of my time for making it. But its really what a toys collector wanted. Seeing their favourite toys in action lol The story is kinda mix with the cartoon series version , the 86' movie and Comics version "All hail Megatron" story line. Its does look like there will be a sequel for this one. maybe..... ^_^ Check out my facebook page for the whole movie prosess Thank you for your great work and voices, Thank you for your wonderful songs Thank you for loaning the figures, And thank you for watching! TILL ALL ARE ONE

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