The Complete History of Sandbag's Home Run Contest World Record

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Definitely looking for all sorts of feedback, positive or negative, on this video.

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That part where I talk about the x coordinate is an excessively complicated way of saying "turn around". This video is not to be taken very seriously. Unless you want to of course. If you don't know what I mean by Arduino, it's basically a small piece of hardware you can route a gamecube controller's input through and run code to manipulate the input. It's also how I have my input display on screen. If there's any more "impossible" stuff you want to see with Arduino assist, let me know either in the comments or in my channel discord Discord: End card artist: End card music:

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Thanks to Gyianas for the overlay design, title graphic, and thumbnail: I've wanted to make this video for a while now, and I feel like now is a better time than ever since the English version of the game has been brought down so much recently. This video probably required the most editing I've ever done. Through countless Sony Vegas crashes, I finally present the WR History of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door any%. Fish Glitch - Shadow Sirens Skip - Log Pipe Early - Bookcase Jump - Ultra Hammer Early - Yoshi Skip - Teleporter Room Early - Bobbery Early - Palace Skip - RTA Palace Skip - Blooper Skip - English Teleporter Early w/ Mowz - English Palace Skip - Alternstive English Palace Skip Method w/o Mowz - English Teleporter Room Early w/ Tube - English Teleporter Room Early w/ Super Jump - Music used: ExileLord - Soulless 4 TTYD - Rogueport Sewers SPM - Castle Bleck Hylian Lemon - Mare Undarum SSBB - Bramble Blast TTYD - Rawk Hawk Fight Nex - Bobble Head Inspiration SPM - O'Chunks Fight SPM - Champion of Destruction SPM - Outer Space SPM - Battle Time! PM64 - Final Bowser TTYD - Macho Grubba PM64 - Crystal King SPM - Birth of the Chaos Heart Sonic 3 & Knuckles - Zone Boss SPM - Promise SPM - Truck GO SPM - End of the World SPM - Count Bleck Fight PM64 - Seige on Bowser's Castle TTYD - Riddle Tower SPM - The Ultimate Show SPM - Proof of Existence

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