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Quest Rogue has been nerfed into oblivion and STILL might be the best deck in Hearthstone! Rage finished at Rank 1 with it last month, and this is his list. It includes Backstabs for early game against aggro as well as Lab Recruiter for late game vs control! Can the deck ever be stopped?? Let Nicholena know what you think in the comments! Please remember to like and subscribe to support the channel. Thank you! :)
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Hearthstone - Best of 1HP Saves | Best of Hearthstone Funny and Lucky moments! The Boomsday Project best WTF Moments, Daily Hearthstone Funny Moments! ft. best of 1hp comebacks, best saves, epic saves, epic comebacks, rng moments ►Best of Legendaries: ►Best of Legendary Spells: ►Send me, hearthstone daily moments! - CREDITS: (0:00): (Oldtime Dixieland Band 5 - Magnus Ringblom) (0:42): (Pass It Around - Niklas Ahlstrom) (1:24): (Bistro De Paris - Magnus Ringblom) (1:54): (Car Chase Rock And Roll 9 - Victor Ohlsson) (2:27): + (Kitchendom Virtuoso 2 - Magnus Ringblom) (3:13): (Happy Salmon 3 - Hakkan Eriksson) (4:01): (Polka Fever 1 - Magnus Ringblom) (4:40): (From Sweeden With Love 2 - Jan Chmelar) (5:10): (Walking The Dog - Silent Partner) (5:55): + (Hey Dude 4 - Martin Landh) (6:43): (Glitz At the Ritz 1 - Gavin Luke) (7:17): (Engine Fire - Silent Partner) (7:58): (Boogie Down 5 - Anders Bothen) (8:34): (DC Love Go-Go - Silent Partner) (9:13): + (Friction Looks - Silent Partner) (10:03): (Boogieland 3 - Stefan Netsman) (10:39): (Raw Punks 1 - Niklas Gustavsson) (11:28): (Blue Texas Trucker 5 - Victor Ohlsson) (12:31): (Club Thump - Gunnar Olsen) (13:14): (Tidal Wave - Silent Partner) Outro Music Sound: Skyfall 3 - Johannes Bornlöf Hearthstone footage with permission by Blizzard Entertainment: Everything is licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

I put the best games from my Twitch stream here on YouTube for you guys to watch and enjoy. I build all my own deck and try to fight the meta. Additional Wowhobbs links. Twitch Twitter

Sometimes even when you lose a game, it's so crazy that you want to put it on Youtube anyway. How many Sindragosa can we play in one game? Please remember to like and subscribe for daily content! Thank you for watching! Subscribe For More HS: Code: AAECAaIHBLIC9gTtBYDTAg20Ac0DmwWIB6QH3QiGCYHCAuvCAtzRAtvjAqj3AvWAAwA= Check out Nicholena's stream for Legend rank Hearthstone gameplay and an awesome community! Follow Nicholena on Twitter for Hearthstone decklists and personal/stream updates: Connect with Nicholena on Instagram:

👍Deck Code: AAECAaIHBM0DsgKTB6vQAg20AYYJ7QKIB5wC+MECvQSXzgKbBcrDAtvjAtzRArSGAwA= 😃Artifact Daily Funny Moments: 👉Artifact Pro Players Reloaded: 👌Artifact Tournaments: 👉Dog: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Deck Codes Rogue 🌟Quest Rogue 👉Firebat: AAECAaIHBobCAuD6AvzBAs/hAsPqAoDTAgyGCe0Cl8EC1AXH0wKcAvbsAp8DmwXb4wLi+ALEAQA= 🌟Odd Rogue 👉Sjow: AAECAaIHBsgDrwTKywKe+ALi+ALn+gIMjALLA9QF8wX1Bd0IgcICn8IC68IC0eECi+UCpu8CAA== 🌟Kingsbane 👉Mryagut: AAECAaIHCLvvApsF08UCqAjIA4HCAsvsAoDTAgu0AYYJywOxzgLl0QKpzQLNA6L3AtvjAsQB9gQA 🌟Tess 👉Disguised Toast: AAECAaIHBuvCArIC7/MC6vMCgcIC6/ACDLQBhgmIB80D9YADx/gCmwWo9wLb4wLc0QLi+AL2BAA= Warlock 🌟Even 👉Firebat: AAECAf0GCKMB+wXyBfsHzfQCoM4Cws4Cl9MCC4oH58sC6uYC+wbx0AK2B/3QAojSAtjlAo0I4QcA 👉Sjow: AAECAf0GBvsHzfQCy+wCoM4Cws4Cl9MCDIoH58sC6uYC+wbx0AK2B/3QAojSAtjlAvIFjQjhBwA= 🌟Mecha'Thun Lock 👉Purple: AAECAf0GBpDHAu0FzukCoIADnPgC8fsCDJfBAvLQAsQI58sCigHX/gL7AfsMysMCtgeI0gLi+AIA 🌟Zoo 👉NaviOOT: AAECAf0GBI+CA5ziAvfNAsvsAg3CCPLQAvcM0/gCzgcwhAH09wKH6AKfzgKbywL3BNHhAgA= Druid 🌟Malygos Druid: 👉Firebat: AAECAZICCN4F9fwCm+gC5PsCmdMCws4CxQS0AwvTA5jSAukB5Ai/8gKe0gJA29MCX6DNAofOAgA= 👉Fenomeno: AAECAZICCMQG9fwCm+gCVuT7ApnTAsUEtAML0wOY0gLpAeQIv/ICntICQNvTAl+gzQKHzgIA 👉Thijs: AAECAZICCsQG3gX1/AKb6AJW5PsCmdMCxQS0A4fOAgrTA5jSAukB5Ai/8gKe0gJA29MCX6DNAgA= 🌟Devilsaur Cube: 👉Dog: AAECAZICApvoAsvsAg6Y0gLpAeQI1QiN8AKe0gKE5gJA29MCi+ECX6uAA8bCAofOAgA= 🌟Mecha'Thun 👉Boarcontrol: AAECAZICBFaZ0wLx+wKHzgIN/gGY0gLpAeQIxAa/8gKe0gKU0gKE5gJA29MCX6DNAgA= 👉Dog: AAECAZICAsX9AvH7Ag7+AdMDktICj/YCmNIC6QHkCPYHxAa/8gKe0gLX7wJfpAcA 👉Neirea: AAECAZICBsQGm+gCVpnTAvH7AofOAgz+AZjSAukB5Ai/8gKe0gKU0gKE5gJA29MCX6DNAgA= Priest 🌟Inner Fire Priest 👉Thijs: AAECAZICCsQG3gX1/AKb6AJW5PsCmdMCxQS0A4fOAgrTA5jSAukB5Ai/8gKe0gJA29MCX6DNAgA= 🌟Reckless Cube: 👉Zetalot: AAECAa0GCpbEAu0F0cEC8M8Cw+oCx8sCpAOgzgLo0AKQ0wIKof4C+wGrwgLDwQKp4gK38QLL5gKL4QKIggPJxwIA 🌟Gastrodon Innerfire Priest 👉Zalae: AAECAa0GBND+AtcKvsgCoIADDdIK0sEC8gzlBNEK0cEC1QjtAeXMAvLxAvv+AuPpAujQAgA= 🌟Combo Priest 👉Dog: AAECAa0GBIgF7QXRCooBDdD+AtLBAuUE8YADof4C+wHYwQLRwQLwzwKp4gKC9wKm8ALo0AIA 🌟Warden Priest 👉Firebat: AAECAa0GAsrLAtHhAg7SCvr+AvcM8gzlBKEE2MECzswC0cEC5fcC1QjKwwLtAdYKAA== Hunter 🌟Tyrant Hunter 👉Deathstarv3: AAAECAR8EncwCp4IDhtMCy+wCDZcIhwTq5gKY8ALf0gK1A/4MqALTzQLd0gLb0wKKA+PSAgA= 🌟Odd Hunter 👉Thijs: AAECAR8Elc4C9QWvBJ74Ag3tBuHjAovlAq3CAuvCAo0B1AWXCLUD5e8C/gyoAtsJAA== 🌟Death Rattle Hunter 👉Firebat: AAECAR8EpAOG0wKe/AK26gIN4eMCjQGczQKHBJ3MAt/SArUDq8IC2wnd0gLj0gK09gLtCQA= Mage 🌟Tempo Mage 👉Apxvoid: AAECAf0EAu72Au/xAg60BJUDuf8CwcEClgWYxALmBKsE++wCcY/TAuwFlf8CuwIA #Hearthstone#HearthstoneBoomsday #HearthstoneDaily

🤖❓ So, do you want to craft Whizbang for your collection or maybe you already have it? I created a new YouTube poll. Vote and tell me your answer in the comments! ········································­········································­···· 🤖🤝 ​Special Thanks to Chris!​​ ········································­········································­···· 🤖💬 Hello my friends. I have collected a great amount of information and statistics about Whizbang. I hope this information will help you make a decision about crafting this “Wonderful” card, or at least help you learn something new. ········································­········································­···· 🤖💬📚 Information sources ### - ### metabomb - ### Blizzard - ### Toast - ### Amaz - ········································­········································­···· Follow me: ⭐ Instagram - ⭐ Facebook - ⭐ Reddit - ⭐ Tumblr - ⭐ Twitter - ········································­········································­···· 🤖💬 Sorry for English, is not very good. :] #Hearthstone #Boomsday #Whizbang


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