If There was a DEATH LIMIT in Minecraft

author ExplodingTNT   1 years ago

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If There was a DEATH LIMIT in Minecraft
In Minecraft you can respawn as many times as you want... (unless you're playing hardcore mode, but let's be honest does anyone actually play that)? Anyway, today we find out what Minecraft would be like if there was a death limit added to the game... everyone only has 5 lives... then they are BANNED.

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Actors: ThisIsJustPie, Jason3500PlayzMC, NinjaInu, Rystone, Mikey_MC, luigieight, TristanTWN2016, creeper321448, KingCubone, Gamerrizz

Would you play Minecraft if this update was added? Or would you be too scared and just move on to Roblox?

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