The STOWAWAY Within Sora's Heart (Theory) - Kingdom Hearts 3

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The mystery surrounding Verum Rex in KH3 has been widely popular since the Kingdom Hearst 3's release. And even more mysterious is the protagonist Yozora, the man with a big secret. DISCORD SERVER: BECOME A CHANNEL MEMBER! LOYALTY GEAR: Want to get NEW games cheaper? Intro/Outro by CraziiNav: *TWITCH: *Twitter: HASHTAGS: #KingdomAce #VerumRex #Yozora #KH3 #KH4 #KH3Theory #KHTheory #KH4Theory

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In this video, I will be discussing why I really think Ava wasn't present during kingdom hearts 3's epilogue. Hope you guys like it! Let me know your thoughts and theories in the comments! KH3 Ultimania Interview Here:

My last normal proud mode video since I already uploaded the final boss. I have a few more story things to upload and then I'm going to do Disney bosses on level 1. I feel like I should've reset their HP each phase since it was a joke doing all phases in a row. I did do most damage in phase 1 though. Kingdom Hearts III Playlist: Twitter:

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