Need For Speed Hot Pursuit Most Wanted Race

author Ryan8479   9 years ago

NFS online game Play most wanted race. New DLC for NFS great game. Also using the new Lambo pack. check it out tell me what you think.

My current times below, some in this video. Any Means Necessary - 18.20 Arrest Warrant - 27.23 Block Buster - 10.55 Chase 101 - 16.28 Cut to the Chase - 10.90 Denial of Service - 18.23 Desert Strike - 23.26 Double Cross - 33.58 Eye in the Sky - 20.30 Fight Night - 27.62 Fighting Dirty - 10.35 Hang Tough - 15.63 Hard to Handle - 29.58 Limited Emission - 16.78 Locking On - 18.20 Marked Man - 13.63 Natural Selection - 31.76 Out for the Count - 36.17 Spike Out - 24.20 Takedown Notice - 15.20 Tough Justice - 13.88 Turn the Tables - 18.02 Under Pressure - 19.48 Weapon of Choice - 24.40 Zero Tolerance - 15.80

Who says the MP4-12C's no good for Pursuit? Excellent handling and swerving sure come into play in Pursuit.

First jerking road blocks and now invisible traffic. Seriously...

Playing Need For Speed Hot Pursuit Online Mostwanted With KellyBoy23, DeathSquad_IIII, YodaKilla, HP-Los-Patrol, and IIIIRegera.

if i got a little money from every viewer from this I'd probably have the money for an AVerMedia and hard disks... Weird crash detection system is weird. Weird hit detection is weird. The only way to be sure you hit someone is if you get a bounty bonus in the top left. Sometimes I think I ought to just wait for everyone else to catch up.


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