Hearthstone [WILD] Elemental Even Shaman - Missed lethals, King Mosh & fun times! (1080p)

author Darkseeker Hearthstone   3 mounths ago

Elemental Even Shaman with Jade cards. Some interesting card choices... Jade Spirit? Is it worth playing? When you can get Grumble value, I suppose it is decent. No Crackles. Only ONE copy of the 4 mana 7-7. The question is... whether this Elemental Even Shaman is better than the traditional Even Shaman build. I was so impressed by this deck that I missed lethal in the final game :-) Silly me! Oh and that final game... Only Deathwing could have saved my opponent. He had King Mosh instead - which was nearly as good (thanks to Pinata)!

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Combo:07:53 BGM:https://youtu.be/qIIOza9ZaXw?t=50s BGM:Crazy_Blues、Station_22 ※本牌組遇到快攻很難打,請斟酌使用 更多貓貓請看:https://youtu.be/mWrYczhZD4c 牌組來源:非主流報告-2018 年 11 月 14 日https://playhearthstone.com/zh-tw/blog/22640617/2018-11-14 哮斗龍 Shudderwock 戰吼:重複你在本賽局中打出的其他戰吼效果(隨機選擇目標) Battlecry: Repeat all other Battlecries from cards you played this game (targets chosen randomly). 石牙野豬 Stonetusk Boar 衝鋒 Charge 石牙野豬哮斗薩 你或許從未見過(更別說放出)一頭 15/15、帶有風怒的石牙野豬,但這副薩滿套牌讓這件事成真了!在遊戲初期以大量戰吼手下強化你的陣容,接著放出你的石牙野豬與哮斗龍,給對手來個致命一擊。 (官方介紹) ※本牌組遇到快攻很難打,請斟酌使用 附上牌組: 超野豬 職業:薩滿 規則:標準 烏鴉年 2x (1) 不穩定的進化 2x (1) 亞榭洛精兵 1x (1) 大地震擊 1x (1) 石牙野豬 1x (2) 凱雷希斯親王 2x (3) 法力之潮圖騰 1x (3) 焦油蠕行者 2x (3) 破碎之日教士 2x (4) 妖術 1x (4) 語風者 2x (4) 阿古斯防衛者 1x (4) 風暴追逐者 2x (4) 黑巫森林吹笛手 2x (5) 火山爆發 2x (5) 真菌術師 1x (6) 黑騎士 2x (7) 坑道蠕蟲 2x (8) 骸骨戰馬 1x (9) 哮斗龍 AAECAfWfAwiyAYgF/wX4DMrDApziAu/3Aur6AguBBOAE+wX+BcfBApXOAqbOAvvTAtHhAt/pAqbwAgA= #爐石Combo

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