Need for Speed (2014) - Final Race - Game like Cut [1080p]

author Kimer Lorens   2 years ago

I tried to make the scenes from the movie look like a game. There is no music in the movie either! NFS without music? Weird. So you can open your favorite music on the background and watch this while listening. Right? Right? Riiight.

Movie info:

Credits goes to: DreamWorks, Reliance Entertainment, Electronic Arts.
Monetized by owner/s.

This is edited version of the movie! Not real! In the end... You can't seriously believe, that that was the real ending? I mean, c'mon.

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4K? For that? Well, ugh... Yea... Not sure why tho. But oh well, it's done. Movie info: Credits goes to: Millennium Films, Nu Image. Monetized by owner/s.

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