Pikmin The Hard Knock Life

author Calan tube HD   9 mounths ago

Pikmin is a sad series ya know?
I worked real hard on this video.
I was inspired by https://youtu.be/z8ksJmf-1_U

Suddenly, Pikmin 2. Enjoy some silly moments between me and the AI. More Stupid Moments: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYUgf9vbpM42AtuVlLr6YDfSr7EV_Oetp CREDITS ------------ Chicken Yodel - Kerry Christensen "I can't stop it!" - Star Fox 64, Train boss "It's a trap!" - Star Fox 64, Peppy Hare DUN DUUUUN! - Gutsman's ass Super Mario Bros Death SFX Aku image - Samurai Jack Unreal Tournament Announcer SFX Shower Scene Music - Psycho Failure! - Super Smash Bros Melee Announcer

Finally got him to work out of caves! For some reason he only can work on day 1 and crashes on any other day... Could be the intro cutscene that might of stop the crash from happening. Also the epic music doesn't go on during here for some reason. I put bulbmin there because I won't survive without them when I try to get the red pikmin away from the Titan Dweevil from being killed from water,electricity, and poison. Also the bulbmin mother eat's there children screaming and panicking... Join my discord: https://discord.gg/aGkg55g

one of my favorites from an acoustic show. taken from this DVD @ Browntracker- http://browntracker.net/details.php?id=1081

This Video includes the trailers for Pikmin, Pikmin 2, Pikmin 3, and Hey! Pikmin. Enjoy!


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