Control Dragon Paladin Witchwood | Hearthstone Guide How To Play

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We made 14K subs!!! To celebrate let's have a Subathon on Sunday 24th on stream! we will have a Giveaway of 7 packs as usual as well as random hearthstone related gifts for viewers, trivia, a deck tournament as well as a longer and longer stream for every sub we get! Feel free to join my discord server to talk about anything hearthstone: Music: MRobinette made the animated intro! He's a long time fan of the channel and decided to help out by making fan art and animated all of it by himself! Praise the roof :D Here is the sweet decklist on Hearthpwn: AAECAZ8FCLcE0gSKB7nBAsLOArfpAs30Auv3Agv7AZkC3APyBfQFzwavB5vLAvfQApboAvbsAgA=

In this episode of Deck Doctor Firebat doctors a Midrange Dragon Paladin (with weapons) deck submitted by @cardishocelot Deck Code: AAECAZ8FBP8C+ga5wQLr9wIN4QT1Bc8G2QfrwgLKywLjywLJ0wLW5QKm7wKJ8QK48gL38wIA Doctored: AAECAZ8FCvfQAsnTAuv3As8G+NICiMcCucECm/AC4+MC+gYK68IC48sCuPIC4QT27ALeggObwgLW5QKvB8rLAgA=

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