Batman: Arkham Knight [Gameplay Part 11] 1080p60 (Riddler Challange)

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Riddler Challenge: The Riddle kidnaps Catwoman, holding her hostage. Nigma encourages the Dark Knight to go to the abandon orphanage to participate in his challenges or she dies. Batman accepts the challenge and off he goes. He would need the batmobile for this task. While the challenge was completed, the two duels would need eight more keys to unlock catwoman's explosive collar. The next challenge, Batman and Catwoman would need to work together...

Rocksteady's Batman: Arkham Knight
Console: Playstation 4
Resolution: 1080p60
Main Story: The Riddler


After successful attempts to find and use the keys to Catwoman's collar, Batman now explorers the city. Different missions that require his attention. First, another corpse was founded near the orphanage. Then the main campaign mission where Oracle was taken by the Arkham Knight himself. After that, new reports were published. A mask hoodie is sending out burning bat symbols on the rooftops named Azrael. He wants to become the next Batman. Passed down the mantle. Batman puts Azrael to the test to see if he is worthy. Firefly has been burning down fire station buildings and is on the move. Another corpse victim was discovered. And finally, a bat creature is flying across Gotham. Batman developed a cure for the person who turned into the bat creature... Rocksteady's Batman: Arkham Knight Resolution: 1080p60 Console: Playstation 4 FACEBOOK: GOOGLE+: INSTAGRAM: TWITTER:

After 5 different missions that required Batman's attention, he heads to the Wayne Tower to meet with Fox. From there, he'll be able to decode the location of the Arkham Knight. Oh, and the best part is that Batman will get a new Batmobile weaponry upgrade. That'll come in later on. Batman was able to find Arkham Knight's hideout, but the Knight knew that Batman would be there. Batman was caught off guard. Fought against the militia soldiers and chased after the Knight himself, only to be mislead. The Knight knew Batman was tracking him. What happens now? Stay tuned. Rocksteady's Batman: Arkham Knight Gameplay Part 13 Resolution: 1080p60 Console: Playstation 4 FACEBOOK: GOOGLE+: INSTAGRAM: TWITTER:

Rocksteady's Batman: Arkham Knight Gameplay 15 Console: Playstation 4 Resolution: 1080p60 Story: Batman is faced with another Riddler challenge, but he is very close to saving Catwoman from harm. After the challenge, Batman saved another firefighter. The mystery of their capture, the fires starting at fire stations, is not a coincidence... FACEBOOK: GOOGLE+: INSTAGRAM: TWITTER:

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