Call Of Duty Ghost - KEM STRIKE (é Muito Delirante)

author jeffdante   6 days ago


Another cod ghosts gameplay, this time a little different though since i started playing it on my 2nd account since i missed being able to level up and i cant really play other boots on the ground cod games besides that and mwr on ps4 at least :P Which i miss atm and with bo4's changes that i dont like it wont be a thing that ill consider trying getting into :P But maybe ill try play ghosts more again idk we'll see, depending on performance, players i meet online and also matchmaking in general Could stick with my main account also still but i missed the leveling up aspect and having something to go for when playing it Used the honeybadger just because i had chosen that as the starting weapon and im missing attachments and all that stuff for the other starter guns so hopefully i can maybe unlock some someday if i continue (Especially gameplay wise since i dont wanna do honeybadger as much given its a commonly used gun :P) - Map name: Strikezone - Final Score: 36 Kills and 13 Deaths - Platform i played on: Playstation 4 Pro (PS4 Pro)

Ghosts gameplay for today, i know it has been quiet a lot of cod recently in a row :P But im working on a bf random moments and kills video which is why i dont bother much atm with non cod stuff since i know i need quiet some time into them before i can get something worth using (not sure when ill finish the bf rmak vid though) Hopefully i can finish it soon but until that happens i think cod is something i would expect being something i upload, and then ill try see if i cant get something done in kzsf or something like that Which isnt really that easy for me but hopefully something non cod can also be uploaded soon :) - Did die mostly towards the end which slowly stacked it up on my final result sadly :P - Map name: Strikezone - Final Score: 45 Kills and 14 Deaths - Platform i played on: Playstation 4 Pro (PS4 Pro)




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