Let's Play Batman Arkham Knight Walkthrough Gameplay Part 25 - SCARECROW KILL BARBARA ORACLE

author Monzy Bot   3 years ago

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This video shows the relationship than Batman and Nightwing have and the birth of Nightwing. I've made like a story told by Dick to Robin #2/Tim Drake. hope you like!!! Enjoy and please make any comments you like. THIS VIDEO IS PURELY FAN-MADE AND IS IN NO WAY ASSOCIATED WITH THE MUSICAL ARTIST OR ANIME COMPANY IN ANY WAY.

Batman: Arkham Knight – Calendar Man Appearance – Easter Egg To unlock the unique dialogue from the new easter egg added by Rocksteady in Batman: Arkham City, set on your console (PS3 / Xbox 360) or PC the date December 13th, 2004 before paying the Calendar Man a visit in the Courthouse. The key line of the dialogue is: "I was there at your beginning, and I will be there at your end." If you pay close attention, the Calendar Man truly was at the beginning of Batman's carrer as the Dark Knight until his last breath at Wayne Manor. This leaves us many questions regarding whether or not he has something to do with Batman's death. What do you think? *************************************************** Game available on: PlayStation 4, Xbox One & PC *************************************************** This is a channel mainly focused on providing the Arkham fans with all the latest news, official trailers, and gameplay videos about the Arkham games. The channel is not affiliated with Rocksteady Studios or WB Games. Subscribe here: http://goo.gl/vx4waB Follow TheArkhamChannel on: ● YouTube: https://youtube.com/TheArkhamChannel ● Facebook: https://facebook.com/TheArkhamChannel ● Twitter: https://twitter.com/ArkhamChannel ● Google+: https://plus.google.com/+TheArkhamChannelLive

Wow its been a LOOOONG time, really sorry about the wait for a new video, my "super claymation"(WHICH IS OUT BY THE WAY) project didn't turn out very well so i really didn't feel like making a video or work on it even though i promised a few times that i would finish it. i may work on it and "fix" it soon(WHICH I DID, GO WATCH IT) in the mean time, enjoy this. (p.s, this isn't the flash video i mentioned about in my message to my subscribers video) This was an assignment for my info tech class. we had to make a video in flash about teaching a "skill". of course with me and my "special" mind, i just had to do this topic. enjoy (p.p.s i rushed this flash a bit so bare with me)

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