need for speed hot pursuit sports car named desire

author Gaming Forever   3 mounths ago

All cars for Racers in Need For Speed Hot Pursuit (2010) I know 2 year old game but its the only good Latest NFS in my opinion. ᐅ Facebook Page: ᐅ Twitch Channel: ᐅ Discord Server:

Criterion is back with NFS Most Wanted 2012, and I made this video like a little tribute to Criterion, NFSMW 2012 gonna be awesome!!! Enjoy my little video :) and remember to subscribe to my channel! Thanks for watching!

if i got a little money from every viewer from this I'd probably have the money for an AVerMedia and hard disks... Weird crash detection system is weird. Weird hit detection is weird. The only way to be sure you hit someone is if you get a bounty bonus in the top left. Sometimes I think I ought to just wait for everyone else to catch up.

Game: Need For Speed Hot Pursuit (2010) Publisher: Electronic Arts (EA) Developer: Criterion Games Player: KateTakanashi Official EA Channel: Official Need For Speed Channel: © 2010 Electronic Arts Inc. All rights reserved.

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