Arenas Grátis até Hoje? - HearthStone #201

author Onurb _BR   5 mounths ago

Galera neste vídeo jogo na arena. Espero que gostem :V



Hearthstone - Best of Carnivorous Cube - Best of Hearthstone Funny and Lucky moments! Kobolds & Catacombs Hearthstone best WTF Moments 2017, Funny Moments, Rng and Salty plays! ft. Dungeon Run, combo, otk Amaz, Kripparrian, Trump, Disguised Toast Pro highlights! ►Best of Deck of Wonders: ►Best of Marin The Fox: ►Send me hearthstone moments! - CREDITS: (0:00): (John Deley and the 41 Players - Heat Wave) (0:46): (Say Yeah - Topher Mohr and Alex Elena) (1:38): (Anders Bothén – Wah What's Up 3) (2:39): (Victor Ohlsson - Rolling In The Retro Jam 3) (3:18): (Boogie Down 6 - Anders Bothén) (3:58): (TheFatRat - Jackpot (Jackpot EP Track 1)) (4:30): (Getting Tipsy 2 - Martin Landh) (5:11): (Gunnar Johnsén - Pots And Pancakes 1) (5:40): (Gotta Get Back 2 - Martin Landh) (6:10): (Super Hero 4 - Johannes Bornlöf) (7:08): (Martin Landstrom – The Stylish Traveller 3) (8:13): (Weapons Of Impact 5 - Johannes Bornlöf) (9:03): (Amiss In Wonderland 2 - Martin Landstrom) (9:36): (Victor Ohlsson - Playing Around The House 1) (10:36): (Rise Of The Phoenix 1 by Johannes Bornlöf) (11:33): (Jan Chmelar – Ladies Lounge 3) Outro Music Sound: Best of hearthstone plays and funny moments, best of, best of Carnivorous Cube, Carnivorous Cube, warlock, Kobolds & Catacombs, Hearthstone Funny, Hearthstone best, Hearthstone Best of, hearthstone lucky, hearthstone fail, hearthstone luck, hearthstone daily, daily, hearthstone daily moments, hearthstone moments, hearthstone funny and lucky moments, wtf moments, Hearthstone epic plays, Hearthstone rng, kripparrian, amaz, trump, rng, wtf, fail, arena, otk, combo, pack, entertainment, trolden, video games, summoned, kibler, yogg-saron, evolve, devolve, dirty rat, medivh, elise, free from amber, rexxar, rotface, gnomeferatu, kobolds and catacombs, marin the fox, golden kobold, the darkness, lynessa, rin, azari, zola the gorgon, temporus, sonya shadowdancer, unstable evolution, dragoncaller allana, carnivorous cube, expansion, dungeon run, legendary, wow, gameplay.

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Subcribe for more videos. Follow him on: Hearthstone, originally known as Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, is a free-to-play online collectible card video game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. Having been released worldwide on March 11, 2014, Hearthstone builds upon the already existing lore of the Warcraft series by using the same elements, characters, and relics. It was first released for Microsoft Windows and OS X, with support for iOS and Android devices being added later. The game features cross-platform play, allowing players on any device to compete with each other, restricted only by geographical region account limits.

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