Fallout 4:Far Harbour(Part 3)

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The far harbour series is done for now my save will not load. Hope you enjoy and have a great day.

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I found out how to use it sorry for being an idiot. Edit:Thanks for the 1,000 views. Hope you enjoy and have a great day. @SilentsGaming17 on twitter

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Funny and epic ways to kill Vaas :D !

Fallout 4 VR is finally here, and it is an absolute nightmare. In this episode of the strangely popular ‘This is Why’ series we look at the biggest VR game of the year, Fallout 4 VR. Honestly from release until now Fallout 4 VR has had so many problems it really has been an absolute nightmare. Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=2784847 Twitter: https://twitter.com/upisnotjump Instagram: @UpIsNotJumpofficial Ending Undertale Remix: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tc62laYv250 This Fallout video only lists the bulk of the problems Bethesda let slide though the VR release, there are unfortunately a few more but these are the major ones. If you know of anymore bugs that you thought were an absolute nightmare let me know and I will try to put them into Fallout 4 VR Is An Absolute Nightmare – This Is Why – Part 2! AND If you enjoy my ‘This Is Why’ series please do let me know what you like and what I should do more of, I will eventually move away from Fallout 4 and modding (but I will not stray too far!) I have a feeling modding Fallout 4 VR will not fix a lot of the problems this time round, and although Fallout 4 VR is an absolute nightmare, beyond the problems listed here it is still a genuinely really fun game, Bethesda have achieved a lot bringing Fallout 4 to the VR world. I have now moved into camera work as well as commentary for this Fallout 4 themed video, I really hope you enjoyed the jump. Soon I will jump back into modding and machinima but I have a few more fun videos of this type to get though first.

I took all of the released S.P.E.C.I.A.L. videos and edited them together as if they were one long PSA video. Hope you enjoy.


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