Being Batman

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A look behind the mask of the real life Batman.

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Meet "Brampton Batman" and hear his opinion on Batman casting decisions and Ben Affleck. He even shows Citynet his brand-new Batmobile! Brampton Batman is actually real life do-gooder Stephen Lawrence. This interview is from Fan Expo 2013.

If you're new, Subscribe! → Over the past 75 years, Batman has become one of the most important figures in pop culture. He's just the coolest! Just one big problem: being Batman actually kind of sucks. Like… a lot. Sure, you get to be rich and buff, but literally everything else about it is horrible. Here's a look at the real reasons why no one should want to be Batman... It's illegal | 0:20 It ain't cheap | 0:56 Lifestyles of the boring and tedious | 1:38 Inferior Man! | 2:18 Friends don't let friends be Batman | 2:57 Gotham's just not worth it | 3:42 Read more here → Movie Lists and Features Big Questions We Still Have After Watching Rogue One Actors Whose Careers Were Almost Ruined By One Terrible Role Marvel Superheroes That Won't Survive Avengers: Infinity War The Ashton Kutcher Curse No One Seems to Notice The Long List Of Stars Who Strangely Passed Away At Age 27 The Untold Truth Of Steven Seagal Website → Like us → Follow us → Grunge is the ultimate destination to learn incredible stuff. Immerse yourself in cool facts and historical tidbits on food, gaming, science, sports and many other topics.

I already analyzed how many fighting styles and the warehouse fight scene from Batman vs. Superman Ultimate Edition, so now we take an in depth look to figure out how many fighting styles or martial arts does Batman know in Batman Arkham Asylum, Batman Arkham City, Batman Arkham Origins, and Batman Arkham Knight! Brought to you by the same guy who did the batman vs superman warehouse fight scene breakdown and how many fighting styles does Batman know in Batman vs Superman! Lego Batman will also make an appearance soon! So subscribe for more! Want more fight scene breakdown? Click below! Hitman by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist:

From Batman Beyond episode "Splicers" Note: All content belongs to Warner Bros. Animation and its creators, I do not own any rights of Batman Beyond or its characters. No copyright infringement is intended or implied. I did not create this TV series nor does the trademark belong to me.

Witness how the 60's Batman became the Dark Knight. Featuring Eric Gable portraying Batman doing authentic Ninjutsu moves. Also starring Joel Hebner as Black Mask and Mark Erman as Robin with stunt team 87Eleven playing henchmen in this slick knockout black comedy action fest!!! Batman Evolution is a non-profit film production for private use only. This presentation is in no way affiliated with DC Comics or Warner Bros and is not intended for financial gain.


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