The Berenstains Bears and the BULLY! By Stan and Jan Berenstain.

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The Berenstains Bears and the BULLY! By Stan and Jan Berenstain.
Papa, Mama, Brother and Sister are trying to help Sister who has been bullied. Baby Sister comes home crying.
She has bullied by Tuffy, what seems t be a little mean girl.
What happens?
Listen to Granny B. and see how this story ends.

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The Berenstain Bears and the Bad Habit. Written by Stan and Jan Berenstain. This is another great Berenstain Bears Book about bad habits.. Granny B. reads this popular children's book aloud to you. Listen to Granny B. and find out what solution Mama and Papa Bear find... We hope you like our videos. We add new ones every day so come back and enjoy the new books..Thanks a million! Keep reading, Granny B. Listen to more Berenstain Books: Listen to more fun books with Granny B.:


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