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This was a streamed game where I taught landin how to gigadrill, it was probably one of my worst attempts at it I barely got any enchants idk. But yea gigadrilling is a hypixel uhc strategy created by vivid visions kinda idk also he's a lot better at it so if you want more of it go watch him. Also please sub to shortgamer he edited this video again because he's a babe and because I don't have time so pls love him Twitter: Teammates: Landin/Shortgamer Christine/SHARKBEANS Pack: Shant v4 Song: Various songs because streamed Mods: Thumbnail: Mental

probably my gear record tbh. also go sub to kyler hes a beast - ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music: Song #1: Quinn XCII - Full Circle (Prod. ayokay) Song #2: None Song #3: None ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Resource Pack: Private (Releasing tomorrow or the day after) Big Head Overlay - ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mods: - Forge 1.8.9 - - Optifine 1.8.9 - - Batty's Coordinates - - Orange Marshall's 1.7 Animations - - Orange Marshall's Simple Sprint - - Orange Marshall's Simple Mods - - Orange Marshall's Vanilla Enhancements - - Autotip - ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Friends: Kyler - ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Intro by Threatnings:

:3 call me savage af Like the video if you enjoyed! (͡ ͡° ͜ つ ͡͡°)

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