Charged Devilsaur - Deathwing | 5 Cards 56 Damage Combo | Kobolds & Catacombs

author HysteriA   5 mounths ago

5 Card Combo for 56 damage in one turn!

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Watch Savjz online: Savjz tries Charged Devilsaur Cube druid deck (Kobolds and Catacombs). Nice deck though, very fresh. Submit your moments here: Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is a free-to-play, online card game on the Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and iPad platforms that anyone can play. Players choose to play as one of nine Warcraft Classes (each represented by an epic Hero), and then take turns playing Cards from their customizable Decks to cast potent Spells, use heroic weapons or abilities, or summon powerful Minions to crush their opponent. Hearthstone heroes of warcraft Blizzard best decks, cards, players, moments are here! Kripparrian playlist: Thijs playlsit: Forsen Playlist: Subscribe to my channel: Support us with donation

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