Bomb is Back - Angry Birds Evolution

author Shem Gamer   7 mounths ago

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Evolving Fire Rooster's first 3 evolution! Decided to go with the Inferno Kick's evolution path. Enjoy some Red Eagle Mountain playthrough right after. :D Subscribe for more! : Discord Channel : My AB Evolution playlist :

Zain Review! We have the Expansive VS Insane Crit Bomb! I'm sure many of you guys are wondering which of Zain's evolutions are better. I now have both of them at pre-level 80 with same Super Shot rank on both of them to give you a fair comparison of their power and range (AoE). Subscribe for more! : Discord Channel : My AB Evolution playlist :

Today we discuss the strategies to make 6 star monsters fast! It can seem intimidating to evolve your monsters to a six star due to all the grinding needed to prepare the fodder to evolve to 6 stars. Hopefully, this guide helps you make your next 6 star quickly! Summoners War SW - Line ID: shreddedpuzzle

ABSOLUTE ABSURDITY! MUST WATCH!! 189 PREMIUM EGG HATCHES DURING YELLOW EXCAVATION EVENT. CRAZY CRACK'N FOR CHUCK - BOMB - MATILDA! DON'T MISS OUT TUNE INTO THE GAMING SHOW. PLEASE LIKE & SUBSCRIBE!!! ANGRY BIRDS EVOLUTION ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All Music Is Royalty Free/ No Copyright YouTube Music

Watch me play AB Evolution!


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