My First Kino Camping Strategy! - "Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies" Kino Der Toten Gameplay

author TheRelaxingEnd   3 years ago

Classic alley camping strategy back from early days of Black Ops (2010). Team of twitter followers
Putting up a lot of claymores to cover our backs! :)

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Nacht Der Untoten Round 311 Solo

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Call of Duty CoD Black Ops BO Zombies Kino Der Toten Alley Challenge by TheRelaxingEnd & Subs. Weapons Free. Ray Gun, Thundergun and Monkey Bombs.

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Zombies Backwards compatible gameplay on Xbox One, ATTEMPTING TranZit easter egg. Good old Tower of Babble. Previous BO2 vid Click to Subscribe! Relaxing Merch Second Channel: Twitter: Instagram: Livestream: Facebook:

So I accidently found a little bug in the most recent custom map. Time for a new Ray Gun test! Insta-kill bug round. Click to Subscribe! Ray Gun vs Round 100 Zombies Livestream: Second Channel: Twitter: Facebook: Map created by GhostPCGamer More info about One Room (Topic has been removed by the Quality Assurance team) Direct download link

Classic grenade corner strategy with new guns added from Origins and Mob of the Dead! Blundergat, MG08, Ray Gun Mk 2 and Wind Staff. Call of Duty: Black Ops 1 Nacht Der Untoten new gun mod exclusive gameplay look. WIP. Dual Wield Boomhilda Wind Staff vs Cosmonaut Wind Staff vs George Romero Ray Gun Mark 2 vs George Romero Custom Kino Der Toten Wind Staff vs Pentagon Thief Click to Subscribe! Livestream: Second Channel: Twitter: Cheap Games: Mod created by Teammates: Rollon & HitmanVere (creator of Hotel v2)

Zeus and Hera. Another Call of the Dead dual wield gun mod made by Rollonmath42 on my request. Akimbo Thundergun wonder weapons. PC only. Call of Duty Black Ops 1 zombies custom gun mod vs George Romero CotD boss gameplay. WIP. Nacht Der Untoten 4.0 Scavenger Dual Wield Dual Wield Ray Gun Mark 2 Dual Wield Ray Guns Dual Wield PPsH Wind Staff vs George Romero Ray Gun Mark 2 vs George Romero Custom Kino Der Toten Wind Staff vs Pentagon Thief Click to Subscribe! Livestream: Second Channel: Twitter: Cheap Games: Mod created by

Thanks to Duk3Nuk3m for providing me this list as following: Guns! 1. Name: Olympia PaP'd Name: Hades (Greek God) Cost: 500 Points 2. Name: M14 PaP'd Name: Mnesia (Reference to Amnesia) Cost: 500 Points 3. Name: PM63 PaP'd Name: Tokyo and Rose (reference to Tokyo Rose) Cost: 1000 Points 4. Name: MP40 PaP'd Name: The Afterburner Cost: 1000 Points 5. Name: Stakeout PaP'd Name: Raid Cost: 1500 Points 6. Name: MP5K PaP'd Name: MP115 Kollider Cost: 1000 Points 7. Name: Claymores PaP'd Name: N/A Cost: 1000 Points 8. Name: M16 PaP'd Name: Skullcrusher Cost: 1200 Points 9. Name: AK74u PaP'd Name: AK74fu2 Cost: 1200 Points 10. Name: MPL PaP'd Name: MPL-LF Cost: 1000 Points 11. Name: HK21 PaP'd Name: HK115 Oscilator Cost: 950 Points (Random Box) 12. Name: RPK PaP'd Name: R115 Resonator Cost: 950 Points (Random Box) 13. Name: M72 LAW PaP'd Name: M72 Anarchy Cost: 950 Points (Random Box) 14. Name: China Lake PaP'd Name: China Beach Cost: 950 Points (Random Box) 15. Name: CZ75 (I will be covering both the Akimbo and Regular versions of this gun in this part, as the stats are basically identical.) PaP'd Name: Calamity (Calamity and Jane when Akimbo) Cost: 950 Points (Random Box) 16. Name: Python PaP'd Name: Cobra Cost: 950 Points (Random Box) 17. Name: AUG PaP'd Name: AUG-50M3 (Awesome in 1337 speak) Cost: 950 Points (Random Box) 18. Name: FN FAL PaP'd Name: EPC WN Cost: 950 Points (Random Box) 19. Name: FAMAS PaP'd Name: G16-GL35 Cost: 950 Points (Random Box) 20. Name: Commando PaP'd Name: Predator (Both are Arnold Schwarzenneger movies, just saying :P) Cost: 950 Points (Random Box) 21. Name: G11 PaP'd Name: G115 Generator Cost: 950 Points (Random Box) 22. Name: Galil PaP'd Name: Lamentation Cost: 950 Points (Random Box) 23. Name: SPAS 12 PaP'd Name: SPAZ 24 Cost: 950 Points (Random Box) 24. Name: HS10 PaP'd Name: Typhoid and Mary Cost: 950 Points (Random Box) 25. Name: Dragunov PaP'd Name: D115 Disassembler Cost: 950 Points (Random Box) 26. Name: L96A1 PaP'd Name: L115 Isolater Cost: 950 Points (Random Box) 27. Name: Ray Gun PaP'd Name: Porter's X2 Ray Gun Cost: 950 Points (Random Box) 28. Name: Ballistic Knife PaP'd Name: The Krause Refibrillator Cost: 950 Points (Random Box). 29. Name: Crossbow PaP'd Name: Awful Lawton Cost: 950 Points (Random Box) 30. Name: Thundergun (Only available in Kino Der Toten) PaP'd Name: Zeus Cannon Cost: 950 Points (Random Box) 31. Name: Winter's Howl (Only available in "Five" PaP'd Name: Winter's Rage Cost: 950 Points (Random Box)


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