Hearthstone Best Moments of the Month | No. 1

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🤖 Hearthstone Best Moments of the Month | No. 1

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The streams that make this video possible:

00:03 | nl_Kripp - Kripp Finds Lethal

00:43 | nl_Kripp - Kripp's opponent finds a counterplay to Vicious Fledgling

01:13 | nl_Kripp - Kripp predicts the emote

01:43 | nl_Kripp - Kripp doesn't see the flaws on his perfect plan

02:25 | J4CKIECHAN - J4CKIECHAN learns interaction between repentance and Jaraxxus

02:55 | DisguisedToastHS - Confirmed Leak: Frozen Throne Releasing August 10th

03:25 | nl_Kripp - Kripp gets punished - again

03:55 | itsHafu - Hafu plays Blood Knight

04:48 | DisguisedToastHS - Mediocre Toast Clip

05:18 | reynad27 - Reynad Explores Ungoro

05:48 | ratsmah - Wanna blow something up?

06:18 | bmkibler - The Mad Man!

06:48 | bmkibler - Kibler - The Last Kaleidosaur. !Duelyst at 4 PM PDT

07:25 | ratsmah - Ratsmah gets outskilled in Arena

08:25 | DisguisedToastHS - Toast's god yog

09:25 | PlayHearthstone - Casters try to stump production team - with mild success

10:16 | DreamHackHS - Body Language of Missed Lethal (Dreamhack Atlanta - Lance vs Caravaggio8)

11:16 | nl_Kripp - "Get ready to be out clevered"

11:60 | Day9tv - Day9 has lethal with Quest Lock

12:30 | bmkibler - Kibler faces new priest archetype

🤖 Music Credits

Peter McConnell - Pull up a Chair
Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

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🤖 Hearthstone, ya heard!?

Hearthstone, originally known as Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, is a free-to-play online collectible card video game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment.

The game is a turn-based card game between two opponents, using constructed decks of thirty cards along with a selected hero with a unique power. Players use mana points to cast spells or summon minions to attack the opponent, with the goal to reduce the opponent's health to zero. The game features several modes of play, including casual and ranked matches, as well as daily quests and weekly challenges to help earn more gold and cards.

The nine available classes, along with their hero names, are Mage (Jaina Proudmoore, Medivh or Khadgar), Priest (Anduin Wrynn or Tyrande Whisperwind), Warlock (Gul'dan), Paladin (Uther the Lightbringer or Lady Liadrin), Warrior (Garrosh Hellscream or Magni Bronzebeard), Druid (Malfurion Stormrage), Hunter (Rexxar or Alleria Windrunner), Rogue (Valeera Sanguinar) and Shaman (Thrall or Morgl the Oracle).

Game modes include Play, Solo Adventures, Arena, Tavern Brawl, and Duels. Card sets include Basic, Classic, Reward, Hall of Fame, Curse of Naxxramas - Naxx, Goblins vs. Gnomes - GvG, Blackrock Mountain - BRM, The Grand Tournament - TGT, League of Explorers - LoE, Whispers of the Old Gods - WOG, One Night in Karazhan - Kara, Mean Streets of Gadgetzan - MSG, and Journey to Un’Goro.

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✔SUBSCRIBE - http://goo.gl/OUFVPy ✔Leave a LIKE! Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is a free-to-play online collectible card video game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment, released worldwide on March 11, 2014. The game is a turn-based card game between two opponents, using constructed decks of thirty cards along with a selected hero with a unique power. Players use mana points to cast spells or summon minions to attack the opponent, with the goal to reduce the opponent's health to zero. Winning matches can earn in-game gold, rewards in the form of new cards, and other in-game prizes. Players can then purchase new cards through gold or microtransactions and use these cards to customize and improve their decks. The game features several modes of play, including casual and ranked matches, as well as daily quests and weekly challenges to help earn additional gold and cards. New content for the game involves the addition of new card sets and gameplay, taking the form of either expansion packs or single-player adventures that reward the player with collectible cards upon completion.


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