(Audiosurf) Hydelic - Cycle of Silence (area X) (Rez Infinite Soundtrack)

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Audiosurf Pusher Elite Ironmode run

Official soundtrack from Rez by different composers. Support me: https://www.patreon.com/Jepedillo Tracklist: 01. Buggie Running Beeps 01 (area 01) 00:00 [by Keiichi Sugiyama] 02. Protocol Rain (area 02) 05:50 [by Mist] 03. Creation the State of Art (Full Option) (area 03) 12:58 [by Ken Ishii] 04. Rock Is Sponge (area 04) 19:32 [by Joujouka] 05. Fear (Rez Edit) (area 05) 27:04 [by Adam Freeland] 06. Boss Attacks (Remix) (Eden/Last Boss) 32:10 [by Coldcut & Tim Bran] 07. F6 G5 (Lost area) 39:25 [by EBZ] 08. Octaeder 0.1. 47:13 [by Oval] 09. Creative State 50:36 [by Ken Ishii] 10. P-Project (Transemission) 56:57 [by Oval] A soundtrack CD to Rez called Rez / Gamer's Guide to…was released on January 23, 2002 including 10 songs. In January 2017 iam8bit has started selling a Rez Infinite soundtrack on Vinyl. store.iam8bit.com: https://store.iam8bit.com/products/rez-vinylsoundtrack2xlpretrospectivebook7bonusvinyl


Watch Out: I am aiming for creating a Indiegame(xboxllivearcade/psn) similiar to REZ,but even more awsome,next year when i finished my masters degree.If youre capable of doing anything that could be helpful creating a game(except for music),send me a mail. Original Soundtrack from REZ ripped from the Disc. Track: MIST - Protocol Rain The track is availible on the original OST.But its another and shorter version that sucks a%%. The rrack is also not availibe on the 12" Vinyl records,released in 2001 on third ear!

if you want more creepypasta not scary leave it in the comments or any horror game Twitter:https://twitter.com/punkdannyboy777

Composed by Navola: https://www.youtube.com/navola One of the tracks used in the game for Flood Escape 2! Play Flood Escape 2 here: https://www.roblox.com/games/738339342/FE2


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