Justice League Darkseid Deleted Scenes Explained

author HN Entertainment   1 years ago

With the abundance of leaks and new info arriving, it only makes sense we get some information on the other bad guy from Apokolips, Darkseid.

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After watching Prometheus and alien covenant there is no doubt that David hates humans and Engineers but we never really learned why he has so much hatred for the both species. In this video, I’m gonna explain David’s god complex and why he hates humans, in fact there is a interview with Fasbender and Ridley Scott that reveals the reasons why David hates humans and Engineers, his motivations and how he basically went insane over the years In space. T-Shirt : http://bit.ly/2tYmX9J The interview actually gave a sort of a new look on David’s psychology and what was going on in his head. Let’s start with how David’s personality was formed. In a couple of minutes after activation, David realizes that He’s superiour to Peter and yet will have to serve him. That creates a contradiction in David’s mind and plants an idea that Weyland is quote on quote a false god because he’s inferior to David in literally every aspect. There is actually a deleted part of a dialog when David says they are false gods refering to the story of Gods described in the piano piece the entrance of God’s into Valhalla. I also think that David was programmed in such a way that he could not disobey Weyland. That was an irrefutable part of the software that the android couldn’t get around in anyway. So David secretly wanted Peter to die in order to become free. Shaw even asks him what would happen when Weyland dies, David responds ‘I suppose I will be free. What’s also important to notice is that after leaving earth David did not have any maintenance or diagnostic procedures. As Facbenber and Ridley explained in the interview, after being alone on the Prometheus ship for two years, David developed more human characteristics partly because of isolation. Michael said that in some extra scenes before the expedition he was trying to portray david more like a machine, but once he arrived to lv 223 he had more human traits. In Prometheus David is extremely curious, but making experiments on Charli Holloway wasn’t his original idea. In fact right before adding some black goo to the glass, David talked to Weyland in cryo sleep and as we know from the dialog with Vickers, Weyland told David to try harder. In the promotion material, there was an emphasis on the fact that androids can execute tasks that humans may find unethical. So this is exactly the case with David poisoning Charlie. However, Weyland did not specificly ordered to experiment on Charlie, it could have bee anyone, but David chose dr. Holloway because he said multiple times that David is not an equal footing to humans, but just a machine meant to server them. David obviously did not like it and that’s why he chose to experiment on Charlie. All that to say that Weyland him-self initially allowed David to experiment on human crew which led to Charlie’s deaths. That made a huge shift in David’s mind in addition to the fact he hated weyland but had to obey him. After weyland’s order to experiment on charlie, David starts to see all humans as test subjects so that’s why he kills Shaw. However there are more reasons for David to hate humans. In the interview, he is asked what makes you sad, and he responds, poverty, war and unnecessary violence. Later David learns that humans are violent species by the way they treat each other, by the way they treat him, as an inferior. He also observes that Engineers are just as violent as humans, which is a reason to hate them. That is why in Alien Covenant David says that they are leaving the Earth forever to star all over again but I’m not gonna let them” He realizes that humans are destroying their home planet because they are violent by nature and wants to stop them. But there is much more about David’s hatred towards humans and enginners. Both position themselves as gods. Engineers because they created life on Earth and humans because they created David. But he thinks that they are false gods because he is better than them in many aspects. As Fasbender and Ridely said in an interview, isolation didn’t have a positive effect on David, therefore after spending 10 years on the Paradise alone David quote on quote went insane. The thought of being superior to humans and the fact that they don’t deserve to live led him to the conclusion that he is the next missionary. Another cool moment in Alien Covenant is when David makes a mistake about the author of the poem Azymandiaz. When Walter points this out to him, David realizes that he made a mistake, for the first time in his life. That pretty much proves that David has serious problems in his software after so many years without maintenance.


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