The Last Orchid - Character Design (Time-Lapse)

author Trent Kaniuga   5 mounths ago

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I've tried to include a number of things that I think about when creating a character for an existing universe. These are just things that I think about, and the rules that I try to follow to create a convincing character. The same method could be applied to all of conceptual design actually. The story and purpose should be conveyed at every angle.

In this video I walk you through a complete method for character design. This is one of millions of ways you could do it, but I had to choose something! Heh. Higher quality version on DeviantArt: Hope you dig it. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments below. Thanks for watching! Looking for details on the “Fat Pencil”? Look no further: Youtube: Instagram: BigCartel: DeviantArt: Facebook: Twitter: Tumblr: Linkedin: Music: Sidewalk Shade - slower Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Download Tutorials, Templates, Brushes: Heartbeast on youtube (for programming tutorials) Facebook: Twitter: In this series, Trent Kaniuga showcases techniques and philosophy for illustration in adobe photoshop. This particular illustration focuses on redesigning Master Dou from the council of elder in the Crescent Isle monastery.

Books, Tutorials, Brushes: Facebook: Twitter: Artstation: I record everything. With this video I'd originally recorded the painting process for the dark alleyway on crescent isle background. In this scene Mao is confronted by the Red Cobras, and he gets beat up. I've added this as an event page in the World of Twilight Monk art book.

Recorded one of my design paints for a change. Tried a different approach here, with lineart and all. Hope you like it! ^^ Music: MH4U: A Lonely Tune Xenoblade Chronicles: Imperial Capital Agniratha

Get the book: Facebook: Twitter: Artstation: This was a piece that I did for the Art of Twilight Monk. It's meant to be an over the top action shot featuring the Mighty Small Fry Rin Torra. In the video I talk a bit about the characters background, and why he is designed the way that he is. This is more of a behind the scenes look at how I put together the world of Twilight Monk. Check out the art book on my gumroad channel.


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