Hearthstone: FACE SMASHING! Tempo Warrior - Rank 6 (Frozen Throne)

author Fakehero   7 mounths ago

Hey guys! Crafted up a Tempo Warrior deck list that worked pretty good but I'm pretty sure Tempo Rogue is just better but the Warrior class has access to some pretty good cards and weapons and it was great to get a few wins and probably confuse my opponents with the list.

Basically has a early game Pirate package but that is able to curve out minions into the late game and finish off with Bonemare and Lich King ohhh.... and we also have Prince Keleseth.. - Fakehero

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In this Super Deck Doctor episode Firebat doctors a Tempo Warrior Deck submitted by Chris @goldenhippo1. In addition to the doctoring Chris also gets a 1 on 1 coaching match at the end! Super Deck Doctor brought to you by Twinlab Ocuguard Blutein Performance Sign up is open every week, Wednesday to Sunday for an opportunity to be on Deck Doctor here: http://www.omnislash.com/deckdoctor/ First 50 sign ups get a FREE bottle of Ocuguard Blutein Performance* *U.S. residents only Original Deck: AAECAQcE0gKvzQKnzgKf0wINkAORA9QEjgWRBvsMgq0C0q4ChrAC/rwCyssCzM0Cps4CAA== Doctored: AAECAQcE0gKvzQKnzgKf0wINkAORA9QEjgWRBvsMgq0C0q4ChrAC/rwCyssCzM0Cps4CAA== https://twitter.com/omnislash http://www.omnislash.com https://twitter.com/Firebat https://www.twitch.tv/Firebat

I been busy testing out lots of decks specifically been mucking around with the Druid class in short most of the decks were not working out so I figured I would instead work on a current archetype to see if I could build something slightly different. So I ended up here using a Elemental Package in the Spiteful Druid and so far so good! Testing out some stuff here so if you have any feedback or ideas about the deck I'm interested probably one of the more successful adventures I have had deck building. Spiteful Druid deck list: https://i.imgur.com/QIwspw1.png Thanks for watching. Subscribe for more videos! Feedback is appreciated I take all comments seriously. Twitter: https://twitter.com/?lang=en Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fakehero3/

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