NECA Godzilla 2001 Atomic Blast REVIEW Part 2

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Still recovering from some type of cold, I bring to you an unboxing for NECA's re-release of their 2001 Godzilla.

#triggerwarning I said wash when I meant drybrushing OOPS So this Godzilla.... I don't really know here. it's a fun action figure, but I'd say it's on par with their 94. Get Godzilla here Thanks to Miranda for the graphics! Check her out on Facebook My Facebook My Twitter Support me: Swagbucks Press/promotional/other inquiries:

On this episode of ULTRAZILLA REVIEWS, I review the NECA GODZILLA 2001 ATOMIC BLAST figure! Give it a check to see what I think of it, and chime in with your thoughts below! LIKE/COMMENT/SHARE to support/discuss, and SUBSCRIBE for more! Thanks, folks! Stop by and check out Ultrazilla Toys on Facebook for box and product pics/reviews/news and more: Listen to Ultrazilla (Sal) on the weekly toy podcast The Repacked Podcast: Shop toys, comics, and more with Ultrazilla on eBay: Till next time, peace out, people!

However you feel after the results of the presidential election, it's sometimes nice to just sit back, relax and enjoy your favorite movie, TV show, or YouTube videos Let me know what you guys want to see next!!! If you care about my opinion on this subject then let me know!!

Figured (not pun intended) out I might as well take a stab at review the stuff that I buy rather than just having a glorified showcase music video montage thing. This time I've gotten myself another Neca Godzilla figure from the Millenium Era, the GMK Godzilla Atomic Blast figure. Sub-featuring and parodying JobbyTheHong, a swell silly toy reviewer. Music: Main Title, GMK Soundtrack Off to Osaka by Kevin MacLeod Follow me on Twitter, @SuckyEngy1zumi


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