All Batman Arkham Games in 3 Minutes! (Batman Arkham Cartoon Animation)

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Batman Arkham ENTIRE Storyline of all Batman games in 3 Minutes! ArcadeCloud presents a Batman Cartoon Animation!
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Tonight, Gotham relies on one man to save us all... -Jim Gordon Join Batman and his bat family in saving Gotham from the terrifying clutches of the evil Scarecrow and his terrible gas problem. Batman as Batman Arkham Knight as Arkham Knight Robin as Robin Scarecrow as Scarecrow Joker as Joker Lucius Fox as Lucius Fox Jim Gordon as Jim Gordon Batman never had friends, because he only has family. In this episode of the adventures of batman, batman faces his greatest fear yet, figuring out which outfit to wear, which robin to fight with and which Justice League member to help him. Don't worry, we'll make sad Affleck and sad Batman happy again with this video Director Notes: 1. This might be, our most easter egg referenced video by far 2. Save Martha... 3. This batman is not the Bale batman voice, we like the Kevin Conroy voice better for some reason Fun Stuff: 1. Can you actually put all the reference to all the batman series that has been referenced in your comments? 2. Which Joker for you was the best? 3. Which Batman for you was the best? Music Links: 1. 2. 3. 4. Youtube Audio Library

Batman: Return to Arkham - Arkham Asylum PS4 Final Mission Walkthrough Video [Full HD 1080p] - Game played on Hard Difficulty Batman: Return to Arkham - Arkham Asylum Walkthrough (PS4) Playlist: =================================== PART 11 - Ending \ Finale: Joker's Party Primary Objectives: - Go to the party. - Defeat Joker before he destroys Gotham. Objectives: - Defeat Joker. =================================== Related Achievements \ Trophies: ● Party Pooper - KO all the henchmen celebrating your arrival at the party ● Big Bang - Complete story mode on Easy difficulty ● Bigger Bang - Complete story mode on Normal difficulty ● Biggest Bang - Complete story mode on Hard difficulty ● Perfect Knight - 100% Complete =================================== Game available on: Sony PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One & PC Video recorded on: Sony PS4 =================================== Follow BatmanArkhamVideos on: ● YouTube - ● Twitter- ● Facebook - For more info and videos, visit and

Ever imagine what would happen if Superman took Batman's place as the son of the Wayne family? Subscribe NOW to Cartoon Hooligans for more video clips. Re-uploading of this parody video created by Cartoon Hooligans team on another Youtube account or other platforms on the internet is strongly prohibited. Like our Facebook page for new video updates. Goffu vs SuperThor - Goffu vs SuperThor Trailer - Dragon Ball Super G - Dragon Ball Z vs DC Superheroes - Dragon Ball Z vs Marvel Superheroes - Ages of Ultron - Superman V Batman - What If Superman Was Adpoted by The Waynes - What If Baymax Was a ... Part 1 - What If Baymax Was a ... Part 2 -


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